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Original Title: Memo.Яy
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Illustration Series Title:  D0 N0T GΔZE into Th3 Abyss

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"Many people are excellent at obscuring and abusing their own memory, so they can take revenge on at least this one accessory: shame is highly resourceful. It is not the worst things that we are the most ashamed of. Malicious cunning is not the only thing behind a mask - there is so much goodness in cunning."
(~ F. Nietzsche - "Beyond Good and Evil", The free spirit, 40 )

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§ ©2015, Makintosh! A®ts, All Rights Reserved.
§ Project & Idea © Makintosh!
§ Vector, Design, Art & Colors © Makintosh!
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Gosh I would fav' this amazing piece suggested by UszatyArbuz but looks like I already have. :aww:
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Bardzo ciekawy pomysł. Podobają mi się usta tej postaci, choć ona cała jest urzekająca :)
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Starałem się nadać ustom głębię ;)
Nie wiem jak wyszło, ale z tego że to zauważyłaś zgaduję, że "całkiem-całkiem" :la: