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Light and Shadow


Original Title:
 Light and ShΔdow
Original Size: 350x700mm

- - - -

During Dagor Bragollach, that took place from 455 to 456 at First Age, the High King of the Ñoldor Fingolfin challanged Morgoth to single battle. The Black One came out from the deeps of Angband in his Iron Crown where three Silmarils where placed. Battle between light and shadow have begun...

- - - -


§ ©2013, Makintosh! A®ts, All Rights Reserved.
§ Vector, Poster Design, Art & Colors © Makintosh!
§ Morgoth, Fingolfin and other are created by J.R.R.Tolkien. All Rights to them belongs to J.R.R.Tolkien.

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swordmaster faces the monster full titan, undoubtedly an epic battle.

Congratulations!, thanks for sharin your art. Greetings from Argentina.
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morgoth vs fingolfin ?
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Indeed my friend.
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Very nicely stylized.
Makintosh91's avatar
Well, thank You :)
I tried found my style for a while and (I think) this is it ;)
blacklothussayshello's avatar
That is just STUNNING! *O*
Amazing work!
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It's nice to hear that! :)
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Kinda looks like something out of Samuri Jack. In my opinion, anyway.
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Great use of negative space!
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I'm happy that You liked that effect ;)
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