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True 3D Julia

By MakinMagic
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Created using Ultrafractal.

A degree 4 Julia Set from the formula suggested by Paul Nylander:

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XxLadyxGaladrielxX's avatar
Epic. Even epicer still, if this was put in one of the new 3d printers....
MakinMagic's avatar
I have an offer from a distributor of the Z-Corporation's Z650 to render me a sample print - I really must get around to creating an appropriate file :)
XxLadyxGaladrielxX's avatar
It would be so awesome.
Trance-Plant's avatar
My variation turned out to be HUGE and not that impressive wrt retaining the surface details and so forth. Might revisit after awhile!
Trance-Plant's avatar
That is beautiful. I would slow down the animation a touch. A little too fast.
MakinMagic's avatar
Thanks. It's a little fast as I didn't want it to get too large ;)
Trance-Plant's avatar
Why would slowing it down make it too large?
100 frames seems plenty. Perhaps at 10-12 fps?
I was experimenting in ImageJ and added a Clockwise rotation which ends up cycling 360 degrees.
Pretty cool application (ImageJ) It is free and I have written a ton of custom scripts I use.
With your permission I could post my speed/rotational variation with full credit to you.
MakinMagic's avatar
Anything under 20 fps is too jerky for me and I didn't want to make it bigger by using more frames...

Sure - post your variation :)
Emotional-Leper's avatar
Now that's an interesting piece, colouring is a little odd but the animation is wonderful.
Wonder what this would look like in real life.
MakinMagic's avatar
Thanks, I deliberately went for something a little different with the colouring :)
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