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August 11, 2009
The Pilgrimage by *MakinMagic is a colorful and textural fractal mecca that everyone should take a trip to!
Featured by Platinus
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The Pilgrimage

Created using Ultrafractal.

Edit - 11th August 2009:

Wow I got another DD !!
OK, it's already happening I suddenly have 54 messages :)
Because I'm getting lazy in my old age - Thanks for any/all Favs and comments, I do read all the comments but I don't really have time to respond to them or the Favs.
So please take this as a *big* thank you from me.
Special thanks of course to Platinus !!

For anyone who didn't see my last DD, here it is:


Also for anyone seeing my work who hasn't really seen Fractal Art before, then I recommend browsing through my favourites:

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firelights's avatar
This kind of reminds me of those patterns you see on marble floors in hotels/buildings/etc XD Only maybe about ten times more colourful. Love it :love:
Brandymccoy's avatar
amazing colors, I love this
Direct2Brain's avatar
Great piece.
Congrats for DD. :-)
lindyz's avatar
Very nice fractal art! And, congrats on your DD! I love the bright colours and design. :D
Spirit-Of-Dreams101's avatar
The texture that you have used was awesome!! Loved the colors that you have used along with the mix of warm and cool.
XrusXrus's avatar
Wow this is fUNNNN !! :)
jotoge's avatar
JetMalek's avatar
Captivating piece!
Beautiful work.
Princesse-de-la-Lune's avatar
that's so cool! really love the colours on this one, congrats on the dd!
jenjenevil's avatar
SashaFitzgerald's avatar
Beautiful work! I love the colours :D
ImSoRad0485's avatar
I love the colors and textures :)
MrsGraves's avatar
PaperSomnium's avatar
Great colors and shapes!
PrismaFox's avatar
I love the colors and the texture :]
OutsideFate's avatar
Wow... is that really a fractal? Awesome stuff!
laurengary's avatar
Very very nice ! I love your colors & congratz on your DD !
Mothnote's avatar
Looking at this I see it as if I'm looking down on a wacky world from one of the Mario videogames. Weird, I know, but that's what I see!::)
kuzy62's avatar
Congratulations on the DD!!! Well deserved!!!
meomeongungu's avatar
how beautiful it is!!!!!!!!!!!!
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