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Sierpinski Temple detail

By MakinMagic
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Created using Ultrafractal.
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Amazing! And I'm watching Ancient Aliens as I look at this!!
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That is just an exquisite piece of artwork.
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Thanks very much :)
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would it be possible to create a gpu-shader for this one (something similar to k-ifs)?
thanx in advance!
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Short answer: not really as a K-IFS but yes as a full RIFS (recurrent IFS) *but* the algorithm used in my formula for UF is not really suitable as it has too much conditional branching - I have an idea how to get around that issue but at the moment am working on about 4 other projects so it'll be a while before I try it.

However you can probably get *similar* results using plain K-IFS which of course lends itself more to GPU coding.
One issue with the Sierpinski Temple is that the highest level domains of the individual transforms overlap which means that K-IFS cannot be used to get the exact result - in addition it's using conditional testing to restrict certain combinations of transforms which can be done for K-IFS but it would take a while to decode what I did to convert it to a K-IFS method, plus doing so would again increase the number of conditional branches required.
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dude.... it looks like a mega city in hindu art! this is amazing! how did you do it?
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It was created using a 3D IFS escape-time formula for Ultra Fractal.
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holy fucking shit

i dunno whether this motivates me to make more fractal art or just give up :[
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Thanks :D

I suggest you stick at it !
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I wonder what the pigeons look like in the temple?

Looks great.
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Hmmm - a 3D IFS pigeon - now there's a thought !
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Just thinking know what this reminds me of?
A scene from 'Ghost in the Shell', the second one...
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Oh, :) Sorry I don't know it !
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Its very very good. and there's a scene in a big city that sort of reminds me of this.
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That's a pretty unusual and cool render, Dave, with an awesome architectural feel to it. I think you judged the colours well, with that mellow looking stone appearance. Well done, and congrats on the DD! :clap:

I can't help but wonder... did this take long to render? It looks pretty complicated, and the whole canvas is covered, so I imagine it took a good while? I'm just curious. ;)
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It took around 2 to 3 hours to render I think (at 3840*2880).
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Oh, that's not bad at all! I thought that, being a dense, 3D style image, it would be pretty intense and require a lot of computation/time. Shows you how much I know about these things, doesn't it, hehe. ;)

Thanks for the info, very interesting. :)
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This is absolutely incredible. I've been in love with fractals since I was a freshman in high school, and I was really happy to find such a rich repository of "arty" fractals here at dA (as opposed to the ones I saw more often before, which were more to illustrate scientific or mathematical concepts than to be pieces of art.) I think this art form is overlooked and undervalued by artists and by scientists, even with its current popularity.

I also really like how you've taken such a 'simple' fractal set like Sierpinski and made such a detailed and complex image.
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Thanks - it's a true 3D fractal, the base is a Sierpinski carpet made of 10 transforms (3 wide and 4 deep with the centre two missing) and 2 transforms above, the lower one being inverted.
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You've got the hang of it then! :laughing: :clap: :worship:
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:D I hope so, it'd be something if I didn't when using my own formula ;)
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