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RockBrot GIF

By MakinMagic
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Created using Ultrafractal.
The standard quaternionic Mandelbrot for q^2+c but with the y and z values in (x,y,z,w) swapped on every iteration prior to squaring.
Full view for the animation.
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Nuts I went to click Download to view it, the scren jumped and I clicked on Request Print by mistake!
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Thanks, and don't worry about it - unless I can make a fortune by inventing a way of doing animated prints I won't be sending you a copy on paper ;)
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What's texture on this fractal? 'cause I look at it and as a regular viewer I feel something misplace between texture and surface. The texture isn't fit the surface by color or dark/bright value with smoothness n roughness of surface... BTW, it looks interesting 3d object :D
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It's a 3D fBm texture based on position, it works as follows:

Get 2D fBm value based on x,y plus 2D fBm value based on x,z plus 2D fBm value based on y,z and divide the result by 3.
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I like it, but methinks it spins a bit too's hard to see the details when it's spinning so fast
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I know, but I wanted to keep it as a GIF and the file sizes get a little large if you use too many frames :)
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that is so awesome
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