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'Real 3D' Minibrot

Created using Ultra Fractal.

For details of how this was created see:


The minibrot is at approx. -1.76 on the real axis and is viewed from 30 degrees above and 50 degrees around (camera target point set slightly nearer the main cardioid).
Bailout was x^2+y^2+z^2+w^2>4 and the maximum iteration count allowed was 60, though solid was based on iteration density so rarely if ever would 60 iterations actually be used.
Rendered to disk in Ultra Fractal at a resolution of 3840*2880, time 1hour 51mins on a (heat impaired) 3GHz P4HT effectively in single-threaded mode due to the render being performed to a screen buffer in the global section of a UF formula.
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I hope it's OK to fave. :)
MakinMagic's avatar
Yep - here it's a manipulation of 4D number systems :D
FractalManipulations's avatar
Ahem! Well I've faved it! :rofl:
winklepickers's avatar
I understand you partially.
Visually it's a very interesting image.
I can't judge the technicalities.

It's also very nice. :)
MakinMagic's avatar
Thanks :)
Don't worry about understanding the maths !!
winklepickers's avatar
Well I don't really. Still it stops me doing good fractals.
I think you need them both to be good.

It's not important for me though. ::
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I think Janet Preslar would say that you don't actually need (much) maths knowledge to produce good fractal art :)
Actually all you really need is a good working knowledge of the fractal software that you choose to use.
winklepickers's avatar
Well yes, I suppose so.
I've just found that the technical aspect is rather unpleasant to me.
I like to look for what I have and do something with it. Trial and error.
I've not managed to get very far with Apophysis, and UF was very hard to start. I tried a little.
I used to use FE a bit. The screen is easier to handle than UF.

I think I'm a bit old, frankly. Yet I learn things in Photoshop.

Good night. :)
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