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'Real 3D' Mandy cousin



Created using Ultra Fractal.
Here's another one, this time a cousin that's exceptionally difficult to render in detail - I suspect that this one is the one that's truly fractal in all dimensions but that's just a hunch.
See the full-view, the whole Mandy is shown in the bottom-right and the red box indicates where the zoom is located - i.e. the main "minibrot".
Again the location and parameters for the main view are the same as the other minibrot renders I've uploaded recently.
In this case for our unit vectors r,i,j,k the multiplication table used is:

* | r i j k
r | r i j k
i | i -r -k -j
j | j -k -r -i
k | k -j -i r

For anyone who's missed it, here's the "Real 3D" Minibrot:
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