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Pure Julia IFS

Created using Ultra Fractal.
A 4 transform IFS, all 4 transforms are non-linear, each based on a*z^2+b*z+c.
I just uploaded an update to mmf4.ufm:Escape-time IFS to the UF formula database.
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a julia fractal mandala.
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great stuff dave :D are you building up a class library of bounded-functions?
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Er, no, not as such. I haven't started conversion of my IFS formulas to UF's new class based method.
After re-reading the thread on FF about getting a "true 3D" Mandelbrot with "buds" I suddenly thought that maybe a way to get nice "buds" in 3D would be to use quaternionic Julia Sets in an IFS and so added a small change to the 2D formula mmf4.ufm:Escape-time IFS to allow a*z^p+c*x+b in addition to a*z^p+b to give more options when trying the idea in 2D.
I realise that's not a "Mandelbrot" as such...
In fact in 3D it would probably result in renders similar to Indra's Pearls.
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agreed, it's prudent to not insist on replicating expected results at the cost of producing amazing new results :D