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Living Gold

By MakinMagic
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Created using Ultra Fractal.
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Hi there... thank you very much for faving my stuff!!

I've given you a tiny bit of 'thank you pimpage' in my journal [link] Let me know if you don't want to be there ;)
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That's fine, thanks :)
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"love" the title !!!!!
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cool. The details, textures, & color are great!
How did you create that? :)
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Thanks :)
It's a modified "Mandelbulb" fractal created using my own formula for Ultra Fractal.
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That's almost visceral in a way, I'm very fond of this.
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thisone is great too dave:clap:
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youre welcome:thumbsup: I have give you an answer on the list,with a question :D
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Wow, really cool looking!
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This is awesome and quite thought provoking!
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very impressive 3d fractal, the conjugating method works really well :D
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I love it! :-)
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I am stunned!!!

I will double-fav this one D!

A mandelbulb hybrid?
HOW???? :)
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Thanks very much.

It's really quite simple.

On each iteration choose an affine transform from a defined set - choose the one such that applying the transform to the current point produces a new point with the minimum magnitude. Apply the chosen transform (in this case scaling and translation only) then apply the main formula as normal, then apply the inverse of the IFS transform.
In this way using 6 transforms for example will produce 6 copies of the main fractal *but* the copies interact with each other so changing the appearance of them all.
Yeah, sounds really easy ;)

I do get the basic concept, but it is beyond me at this time... :)

Thanks for explaining anyway!
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