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Inside the Sierpinski Temple

By MakinMagic
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Created using Ultrafractal.

Animation now here:

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© 2007 - 2021 MakinMagic
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Whoa ! A guy can get lost walking those corridors !

By the way, the next U-tube animation was frightening at points and I had to stop ! There was also one that caused an optical illusion. After all that zoom-in , the next pattern promised actually seemed to be receding, even tho I didn't run it.
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Now this one impresses me. Like an infinitely detailed room...
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Cool, very building-like. I knida like it!
JimmysWings's avatar!

However did you DO this? :omg:
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It was created in Ultrafractal using mmf4.ufm-3D IFS and mmf4.ucl-3D colouring direct.
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Amazing piece.
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I just came back from an archaeological excursion.
Very impressive animation! :w00t!:
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Thanks very much.
Brigitte-Fredensborg's avatar
Like being in a different world.
Absolutely great!:clap:
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fabulous, Dan! The world you've opened with XD conversions (if this is one) is astounding.
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Thanks Panny - but I'm Dave not Dan :D
Actually this one was created entirely in UF (but based on Dirk Monteny's work in XD).
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I think I parties too much last night Dave. Sorry:)
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:jawdrop: Wow! This image is simply amazing. I am also surprised that this was done with UF. A very different and unique piece that you should be proud of.
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you should put warning labels on stuff like this. i'm black and blue from my jaw dropping to the floor!!
unbelievably awesome !!
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