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Inside the Sierpinski Temple 2

By MakinMagic
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Created using Ultrafractal.
A Fractal architecture created using an escape-time formula for 3D IFS (mmf4.ufm-3D IFS from the Ultrafractal formula database).
The rooms/corridors where created using RIFS flags to open up the insides of the fractal.
Nothing much special about the lighting - it's two sources, one from the centre of the camera and one offset slightly using a modified Phong model that allows a surface "roughness" factor.
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Great job.

I've seen a lot fractal animations before, but never a walk inside a true fractal building!

Great concept and realization. :D
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Thanks very much.
JoxerColeTurner's avatar
A good stage, to a action film... i love this =)
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0SupermarineSpitfire's avatar
Cool! Looks like something out of 'Tomb Raider'... I'm expecting Lara Croft to come running round the corner, guns ready... :)
MakinMagic's avatar
Thanks ! Now you mention it it does look a bit like something out of the first Tomb Raider game.
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interesting tech .
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That's really fascinating! Great job. :aww:
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Wow, I'm going to have to share this with my fractal loving friend. WAY cool!
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Thanks very much.
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:omg: That's incredible! Amazing! Unique! Thanks for sharing :)
MakinMagic's avatar
Thanks and NP !
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great work dave, animated 3d fractals are very few and far between - especially ones of this quality :)

may i ask what the rendering time for a frame is like on average?
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Hi Thomas, I just tried re-rendering the 1st frame at 1024*768 and it took 9 mins 18 secs - the whole animation is 768 frames.
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Oops - that's on a 3GHz P4HT
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Thanks Thomas.
I'll have to re-check the renderiong time, it's ages since I rendered this.
It's from a render done at 1024*768 then resized down to 320*240 but even that wasn't enough to remove all the aliasing, I'll have to do another render but this time with Ultrafractal's AA enabled on the 1024*768 version.
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