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Fixed Newton DE

Created using Ultrafractal.
Newton for z^10-1.
Fixed the discontinuities on iteration boundaries, still got static points at the roots.
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Look very cool indeed :)

Pittsburgh Driver's Test
(7) The car directly in front of you has a flashing
right tail light but a steady left tail light.
This means

(a) one of the tail lights is broken;
you should blow your horn
to call the problem to the driver's attention.
(b) the driver is signaling a right turn.
(c) the driver is signaling a left turn.
(d) the driver is from out of town.

The correct answer is (d).
Tail lights are used in some foreign countries
to signal turns.
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Where can I find this newton Distance estimator
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Hi, I will hopefully update mmf.ulb in the UF formula database sometime tomorrow - I should say later today, it's now 1:10am here :)
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How do you get the coloring files out of the class file?
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You choose either "Generic Coloring (Gradient)" or "Generic Coloring (direct)" from Standard.ulb as the colouring then use the browse icon next to the plugged in colouring (either Smooth Mandelbrot or Orbit Traps Direct) to select either the Newton Distance Estimator or Field Estimator from mmf.ulb.
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Thanks, it works now. I will have a couple of test images.
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I should have said "Standard.ufm" ;)
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My distance estimator gives psychedelic effects when put into a newton fractal.
I am awaiting the coloring
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