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Asteroid National Park

By MakinMagic
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Created using Ultra Fractal.

This is a degree 4 of the White/Nylander "true 3D" Mandelbrot - for details see here:


It was rendered using a wide field of view at 8000*8000 which took around 10 hours on my core2duo laptop.

Download absolutely essential !

The colouring is location based using fBm(x+flip(y))+fBm(y+flip(z))+fBm(z+flip(x)).
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Good memories!
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
vaaan damme! 10 hrs fly? that's alot of rendering!
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Not really - years ago (around 2002) one disk-render I did took 28 days....
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
oh HELL NAW!!!! that's too much right there. sounds like the stone age of the program and computers.:laughing: