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Gravedale High

I remeber watching this cartoon as a kid heres an episode to refresh your memories [link]
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Im sad this show ended so quickly. ...the amount amazingly animated horror themed cartoons back then was astounding. The real Ghostbusters, tales from the cryptkeeper, Garfield and friends had moments paying homage to classic horror and sci-fi, the Adams family. kids anymore will never know what they missed.
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This   is a pretty good piece of fanart .
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great work dude! Im actually working on reboot/sequal set in college
Vinnie and Robbie were my favorites they were so like The Fonz and Ronnie from Happy Days
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Astounding. It's better than my picture, even if it has more characters than yours!
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hehe let me see
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Just search Gravedale High and check the newest deviations. It's a class picture drawn with the new deviantArt muro feature.
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Thank you for making fanart for this show. The world needs more artists like you
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haha thanks man
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just 'discovered' the awesomeness of Gravedale High and I'm loving it. anyone know where to find full episodes?
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they are all on utube i seen alot of episodes hehe
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gotcha. I was able to find the opening sequence last night, I'll keep looking for the rest. by the way, if you've never seen this by Geiger animation check it out: [link]

Warning! This video is not work-safe and contains content not suitable to children, but dear god is it hilarious.
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hmmm thats weird like a month a go there was full episodes on utube now only intros that sucks
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This is one show I wouldn't mind if it was resurrected from the cartoon graveyard.
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AWSM! 90's short lived cartoons will ne'er die!
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When do you think Hollywood will make a big-budget motion picture based on "Gravedale High?"

They HAVE to be running out of robot-based 80's cartoons by now...
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mmm never haha i hardly remeber this cartoon yesterday i stumbled on a clip on utube hehe
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