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Basic Proportions

By Makime
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Hurdurrrrr. I did something wrong. Anyway, here it is again. *u*

Uhhh, I thought it was time I made something for the community. So here's some basic female proportions for ya. 8D; It's one of those things you really ought to memorize as an artist. Try working on your proportions with gesture drawings for a loooong time. Form sorta comes naturally once you have your proportions down.

And I know these sorts of tutorials are REAAAALLLYYY popular, but you should study real anatomy on actual figures too. A chart can only teach you so much. So yeah, don't just take my chart as absolutefactplz and follow it to a t every time. There are so many different people and shapes out there, and so many different styles.

Okay, I'm going back to my hole in the ground to work on my multitude of commissions that are glaring me down. Haaaart. :heart:

Also, please ignore the fact that she looks like a holocaust victim. :( I rushed the drawing and didn't flesh her out properly.
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yes thank you i keep forgetting the proportions
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Thank-you so much, this helps, I don't care if it's 6 years old lol
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This was very helpful. I cannot express how helpful this was. I know that you need to look at actual figures to study anatomy but this really helped me learn the basic proportions. Thank you.

And sorry if this is asking for too much, but do you happen to have a basic proportions chart for males as well?
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great tutorial :heart: :heart:
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holocaust victim!? oh man your funny great tut!
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thanks for the proportion tip
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7,5 head units that's quite realistic props for woman. I prefer to us 8 for both genders. it is ideal but in artworks looks realistic.
I think the easiest way is to use Human Proportion Calculator I am using android App, it is calle HPC : [link]
but in internet there is also free online version for [link]
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Umwow. Just what I was looking for, thanks!
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omG nearly like mine ...but mine have bigger hips lol
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hello,can you make tutorial how to draw the difference between the male and female body and aslo draw the difference hair stlye like wavy, straight, and Curly in naruto stlye please?
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Sure, I've been meaning to do a tutorial on the male body for a while. :)
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This piece was featured as an art example in the Gimme Feedback's Art Quest 2012 March 12th Blog: [link]
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Awesome, thanks!
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Very helpful, thank you!
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This helped me a lot! thank you so much!
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OTL more bowed rape-victim legs... hooray...
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Rape victim legs? What does that even mean??

And just so you know, this is what legs (especially thin ones) actually look like. See; [link] [link] [link]

Thanks for the input.
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Nice tutorial, this will help me out greatly
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can you do a male one this is cool
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Thank you. You explained it in a way I could understand. :]
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