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Okay, so I suppose some of you are wondering what I've been doing the past two days.
Me and my brother recently got Portal, and I've been doing stuff with it. And I found out something interesting... Aperture Science Official Website., and  also link to the same place.

So I used to think it was just a black screen with a cute little animation on it. I only just found out the dark secret behind it.

So in Portal (Test Chamber 18) There's this "secret" room behind one of the panels. Inside is a whole lot of security cameras and the walls are covered with Companion Cube love poems. But one thing written there is quite odd...…

login: cjohnson
password: tier3
Next to the box someone has scrawled down "TRUST ME"

Out of curiosity, I googled it and found out you could actually log in to the Aperture Science website with it. So here goes...

1. Go to You should see an arrow and a flashing box, with a holiday-themed animation playing just below it.
2. Type "LOGIN". If your typing doesn't show up, click the page and try again.
3. If you did it right, the website should say "Username>". Type in cjohnson, and it will ask you for the password. Type in "tier3".
The website should say "GLaDOS v1.07a (c) Aperture Science, Inc."
Just below that, it asks you for an "ADMIN>".

In case you're wondering about the username, cjohnson stands for Cave Johnson, the founder of Aperture Science. Tier3 is the "third tier", aka the portal gun. It is explained later in this journal.

You can also type anything as the user, and "portal" or "portals" as the password.
Instead of asking for an admin, it will ask for "B:/>". Unfortunately only some of the commands work and it's much easier to log in as cjohnson.

CONTINUING. So, into admin, you can type the following:

help or lib gives you a list of some of the possible commands.


thecakeisalie Gives you this message:
When was the last time you left the building?
Has anybody left the building lately?
I don't know why we're in lockdown. I don't know who's in charge.
I did find out a few things, like these terminals don't have to
tap out characters one at a time. And while we're all working
on twenty year old equipment, somehow they can afford to build
an 'Enrichment Center'. Check out this security feed.
Whatever the hell a 'relaxation vault' is, it
doesn't have any doors.

It then shows a video of a camera moving about, looking inside the relaxation chamber (where you begin in Portal 1).

I don't think going home is part of our job description anymore.
If a supervisor walks by, press return!

I've looked and looked, but no supervisor has arrived yet. I'll let you know if I see one later.
You can download the file in .flv format, but it doesn't provide many clues.

If you press any key, including return, it brings you to a list:

----------TOTAL ----------------976,076.49

I haven't been able to make much sense of it yet.

play brings you to ERROR 03 [What would you like to play?]

play portal takes you to a broken youtube link

ip Reveals your UID (+L).

logout, bye, logoff or valve someone says "goodbye" and you are taken to your homepage. If you do not have a home page you are taken to the Steam website.

cat, catalog, directory, list, ls or dir displays this text:





notes brings you to a timeline of Aperture Science. It also explains the tier3 thing.

append, attrib, copy, format, erase or rename brings you to ERROR 15 [Disk is write protected]

tapedisk brings you to ERROR 18 [User not authorized to transfer system tapes]


EDIT: I read in someone else's Aperture Science Guide that they had found out that the answers to the following survey are being recorded. They are actually sent back to Valve under your unique UID(+L) code. Very mysterious.

Type "continue" to start.
It will ask you to memorize your insanely long flashing Unique Identity Number (Plus Letters), aka the UIN (+L) which you will be asked to type in at the end of the application process.
Now, I read on a website that people have actually written down the UIN (+L) code and typed it in, but apparently it won't let them because won't let them type in lower-case.

I realized the problem. It was a classic mind trick - If you look at the flashing code carefully, you may notice that every 5 seconds the letters change slightly. Those crafty little Aperture science people!

So quickly I took a screenshot of the code and continued the survey.
I typed my name in as "Maki", but as far as I know your name has no effect on the survey, neither does the negative condition you pick after that.

It will then ask you a question:
Sally, Dwayne, Anthony, David and, Franklin are, collectively, 10 years apart in age. Sally's is two years older than David. David's favourite letter is 'g'. Anthony's favourite letter is also 'g', but Dwayne has no preference, insisting that he likes all the letters equally except for 's'. What is Franklin's favourite letter?

It seemed like a nearly impossible question at first, but after a great deal of thought I figured the most likely answer would be 's'.
I went to the list of answers, and I was annoyed to find that all the letters of the alphabet were an available answer except for s. Frustrated, I typed in the number for 't' and moved on.

By the way, if you read the question carefully you'll notice one letter 'h' in the question is flashing. Actually, if you look at lots of the questions carefully, you might see a flashing letter somewhere in the sentence. If you write them down in order, it spells "thecakeisalie".

There's about 43 other questions you have to answer after that. Some are completely ridiculous.

Every now and then an ASCII cake flashes up on a random point of the screen. Here is a picture that I found on this old guide:…

It then asks your gender, then congratulates you on finishing the ENRICHMENT CENTER TEST SUBJECT APPLICATION (PART1: PERSONALITY AND GENERAL KNOWLEDGE.) Maybe there's a part 2...
It then asks you to enter your UIN(+L) to complete the process. I quickly go to my screenshot and enter the code.
Unfortunately, it says my UIN(+L) was incorrect. It asks me to remain at my workstation until a Computer-Aided-Enrichment Crisis Team arrives.


I'm still waiting.

ERROR 02 [Command requires at least one parameter] (Found by typing "interrogate" into ADMIN)
ERROR 03 [What would you like to play?] (Found by typing "play" into ADMIN)
ERROR 07 [Unknown employee] (Found by typing "interrogate <any number>" into ADMIN)
ERROR 15 [Disk is write protected] (Found by typing "append" "attrib" "copy" "format" "erase" or "rename")
ERROR 18 [User not authorized to transfer system tapes] (Found by typing "tapedisk" into ADMIN)
ERROR 24 [File "---" not found] (Found by typing an unknown command)

I'm still working on this, I'll update this entry if I find out anything more.

Thanks to… and… for providing extra information!
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rahi-tak Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
how do you take a screenshot?
Maki-Tak Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
On my computer you have to hold down the 2nd function (fn) button and press Print Screen (prt sc). But it's different on other types of computers, and you'll probably have to Google it. I can only suggest to look for a "Print Screen" button on your keyboard.
waterblaze909 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010  Student Writer
while looking at old projects by my friends on scratch and random peoples past journal entrys for boredum do you recall sayiing that you think there is plenty of life out there well you might get a kick out of this: [link] though it can very well be muliple things, it said at the end of the vid that in JUNE during another sighting it was comfirmed to be a military test BUT; it could very well be a lie to calm down frightend citizens and i dont think the military will do it over populated areas of its own country that is highly populated because 1; the news of it will spread all over the world (plus this vid was recorded on a AMERICAN news) and the other countries will take action and 2; they siad it was a "test" and if it was a test they might not have wanted to fly it over densely populated areas AND a very active air port because if somthing went wroung lots of lives will be in danger and another reason why it could vbe real is because the galaxy is HUGE and the human race still dosent even know all there is to know about our home planet i can leave out the galaxy. but some proof that its a military test is because there were 8 SIGHTINGS i dont know in what time spand but it was all in china and china dosent go on forever. but eh, sorry for making you read sutch a story i just found this interesting..
Maki-Tak Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010
Interesting video.
If you think about it in Universal terms, the human race is actually pretty advanced. It's developing quite quickly, but maybe there's something out there that's more advanced than us.
It could very well be a military test, not that I know what the West China army would do with something that looks like a UFO.
My dad believes that UFOs are actually time machines, that inside there are humans from the future that are observing us quietly. Mind you, you'd think that someone smart enough to build a time machine would be clever enough to consider putting cloaks or something on it. Messing with 21st century humans can cause a lot of chaos, as you just saw in that video.
waterblaze909 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2010  Student Writer
hm true and now that i look closer at the poorly taken pictures it looks kinda round-ish kinda like a drone witch many (to my flimsy reaserch) countries are testing but i would think that china would be smart enough NOT to fly it over a highly populated area because 1; if there close to "perfecting' somthing of high technology and testing its flight ability in a highly populated area the news will seep out into other countries (mind that the news station it was recorded on is american and the fact that you watched in in new zealand kinda proves my point) and i dont think they want other countires to find out and 2; being a test somting could have gone wroung and they were testing it over an AIRPORT! they had to shut it down to keep big jets from crashing into it (plus big jets have big fuel tanks and big plans and fuel tanks are for over sea travel also letting the news spread) and if they didnt or some jets were in the air there could have been a horrible acident but im not involed in any of that.. and if you dad was right i would also highly concider a cloak and if humans were the cause the way the human race teaches the past must have gone terrible.
waterblaze909 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010  Student Writer
i've never heard of portal scratch,friends to torment with emo plushie fish that likes to slapz, and my own galaxy in a box are mainy the only things fun i do that i do normaly :D
rahi-tak Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
holy... cow...
this must have taken you an hour to put together! geez! (maybe even longer)

portal 2, or 1?

i've played, 1, i think...
Maki-Tak Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010
Portal 1. Number 2 comes out next year.
rahi-tak Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh... my mistake. i saw it in the gameinformer awhile ago and i thought it would be out by now. XD
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