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Just a SpaceHobo by Angel-or-Phantom
Pencil Through the Nose by evil-radiator
AguaLgotha Revolutionary  o close up by Futurum-Undam
Manat by cromatic-blood
Spikes by xanthnimby
Make up TRYsformation #1 Ciri by Antylopa
Arm Gashes by KasiaBartosz
Hand Wounds by KasiaBartosz
Skull mask with moving jaw! by SabrePanther
Skeleton Knight profile by SabrePanther
Galaxy Dragon Leather Mask v2 by SilverCicada
Skull by KwestCostumeArt
Kaito Tenjo - Orbital form Zexal by YUGIOHPASSIONCOSPLAY
The Last Barrier! C-17 Cosplay by YUGIOHPASSIONCOSPLAY
Bandit Keith Cosplay - 7 Completed by YUGIOHPASSIONCOSPLAY
Silver for monsters/ The Witcher 3/ Geralt Cosplay by BlinksCosCave
Spider-Man and Carol Danvers - Oh, Captain! by DashingTonyDrake
Johnny Gat - Lets kill some Sh*t by DashingTonyDrake
''235-U'' Postapocalyptic war movie (short film) 1 by FabioMk
Radioactive zone (Army Atomic Division) by FabioMk
Costume Props
Orbital 7 / Yugioh Cosplay Props by YUGIOHPASSIONCOSPLAY
Tribal Headpiece by ninangame
Face Paint
Wonder by ninangame
Happiness by ninangame
Anxiety by ninangame
Dragon Queen by CrisAlexMUA
Fashion and Beauty
7 Deadly Sins - Lust by ninangame
Menhera Kei by ninangame
Head High by ninangame
Fire Makeup by ninangame
Dragon Claws Tutorial by The-Teaspoon-Of-Doom

Mature Content

Cut Wrist Tutorial by AcrotomicStudios
Basic Makeup Contouring by The-Cosplay-Scion
Designs and Concepts
Stillsuit Concept Design by GwynConawayArt
Captain Lou Turnaround by GwynConawayArt
Touvor Variants by GwynConawayArt
Acrylic teeth by RhavanielCreations
Wigs and Hair pieces
Lotr Wig by RhavanielCreations
Fake tattoos and henna
Hand drawn on my arm by MadebyMTE
Hats and Props
Reversible pink and black striped cat hat with fur by kawaiibuddies


White rabbit in wonderland by StudioOkamilabs White rabbit in wonderland :iconstudiookamilabs:StudioOkamilabs 18 2 Pumpkin king by Maho-Urei Pumpkin king :iconmaho-urei:Maho-Urei 5,347 498 Painted Pink Corset - Back by Mtkld Painted Pink Corset - Back :iconmtkld:Mtkld 4 2 Vampire Prosthetics by sugarpoultry Vampire Prosthetics :iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 115 59 Sahara Glow by KlairedeLys Sahara Glow :iconklairedelys:KlairedeLys 152 22 Coulrophobia by KlairedeLys Coulrophobia :iconklairedelys:KlairedeLys 95 26 New Years Lace by KlairedeLys New Years Lace :iconklairedelys:KlairedeLys 113 17 Grotesque Masquerade by Psionichaos Grotesque Masquerade :iconpsionichaos:Psionichaos 6 0 Spirit of autumn II by Pyrainearts Spirit of autumn II :iconpyrainearts:Pyrainearts 6 0 The spirit of autumn by Pyrainearts The spirit of autumn :iconpyrainearts:Pyrainearts 45 14 Grotesque Masquerade by Psionichaos Grotesque Masquerade :iconpsionichaos:Psionichaos 5 2 Grotesque Masquerade by Psionichaos Grotesque Masquerade :iconpsionichaos:Psionichaos 16 4 Grotesque Masquerade by Psionichaos Grotesque Masquerade :iconpsionichaos:Psionichaos 4 0 Zombie Make-Up by kristi-leegibson Zombie Make-Up :iconkristi-leegibson:kristi-leegibson 9 1 Design 2 by jmscotese94 Design 2 :iconjmscotese94:jmscotese94 5 0 clown smile by UglyBabyEater clown smile :iconuglybabyeater:UglyBabyEater 18 9



Our affiliate :icontheatreartists: is having a make-up blood and gore for the stage challenge.
MAKE-UP CHALLENGE 2018 Blood and Gore
MAKE-UP CHALLENGE 2018 : Give us your best wounds.
Deadline is May 31.   Blood and Gore accepted!    We’re interested in Process through Completion.
Make up designs and applications can be pictures of the concept sketches colored pencil planning sheets, the pictures of the make-up tables with your equipment laid out, the pictures of the make-up on a person, picture of make-up being applied, and final product pictures.    All make up must have been done for a theatre make up class or a theatrical production.   Challengers will receive exposure on our site and the winner will be interviewed by LocationCreator and published in our Journal.

Scroll down to the Make-Up Challenge 2018.
Click on the plus (+) sign in the Make-Up Challenge bar to add a favorite.
Choose a deviation from your own collection or someone’s else’s.
Click submit
Click done.
Please include this infor"
For this, entries must be theatre-related for a play or theatre make up class. Could you help spread the word since there is a lot of overlap in our groups? Many thanks.


Please do not add your makeup or costumes to the feature folder it will be removed!!!! I do not have the time to do your work for you and if you can't even read to know not to do this then why should I place them into the right folders for you. This rules has been here since we started!!!! Thanks


Ok Rules READ them please!!!

All costumes makeup and props must be made or altered by you or some one you got permission from. UNDER NO circumstances will I allow store bought costumes. This is a group for artistic talent. Thanks.

1)Only 3 Photos of the same makeup at most. So pick some good ones. Try to keep your submissions down to 6 per folder per month. There are other people here thanks.

2)Do not submit to the feature folder, it is strictly to highlight the best costumes and makeup. I'm going to start ignoring submissions to this folder. Put the makeup in the right place please. If you don't know how go into the labeled folder and submit directly there.  Thanks

3) If you submit your art work to the wrong folder I will just delete it. If you resubmit it and it's still in the wrong place, I will just block you. If you can't even take the time to read why should I let you show case here.

Not allowed
"Fashion" photography (We do have a folder for "Fashion Photography, please use your heads as to what might qualify)
Pictures of your boobs
Or regular photos of you or your friends
Just random shots ala Myspace, not highlighting makeup or costumes at all

Well I was trying to keep this club laid back. Sadly some people can’t quite understand what "makeup and costumes" means.

Again do remember you are not the only member here. Some other people would like to submit too.

I have gotten much more stricter on what goes into the folders esp. Fashion since some people are abusing that folder.

So now I have to ok everything that goes through.
Please don’t abuse this club, thank you.  

Dedicated to the late and great Lon Chaney.

I have been making costumes for 17 years, doing theater makeup and special effects for 15 years, and theater technical work for 5. Theater is one of my passions as well as costumes and makeup. I wanted to create a group where people with the same passion could share their works and communicate with others.  

How to join:
If that all sounds good to you, simply go to the font page under the blue tab and select "Join our Group".

About submitting works:
I wanted this to be a pretty laid back group as I have come in contact with some stuffy groups who seem to be self-righteous for no apparent reason, which is kind of sad considering the quality of their work is somewhat lacking. The group is separated out into folders for your convenience. If you think something should go in a certain folder that's fine with me. However, I might move it if another category suits it better or so people can find your wonderful work easier. If you're confused on where something should go just send me a note with the deviation in question and I'll help yah out. Please refrain from nudity. Don't just stick a nude in a folder. There should be some makeup or a costume somewhere on the body. Thanks!

Ideas and discussion:
This group was made for you. I would like ideas if you have them on how to make this group even better.
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I was thinking i could have a parasitic twin protruding from my face.
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