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Leiterlinien by Erdbeerstern
Beige study by e-taneya
Happy New Year 2020 by paranormallily32
Imagination by therealdoeth
Timeless by Kibi1411
Ekaterina Kovaleva IV by Oscarliima
Mano Brownn by Oscarliima
Desert trail by Kibi1411
Secret Watcher by CrimsonsCreations
She-Ra Key Chain by Ninapedia
Mountainscape Cabinet by CrimsonsCreations
DND composition note book by Ninapedia
The War of The OC's (Whaley's and Sparkpaw's POV)Whaley saw the tributes run, and his ears were melting. He couldnt hear anything but silence. With only him being able to breath and see, he grabbed a shield and rushed towards the forest. Nobody saw him, luckily.Meanwhile Sparkpaw was acting fast and quick, and grabbed everything silent and eyes closed. After he hid under the bushes, he noticed that he got a bottle full of a strange drink.At the same time, Whaley hid under the bush, he saw Dot walking, trying to find shelter. Whaley was curious, so he started stalking him, to find what he is doing. Dot felt oddly confused, hearing splashes over the tall trees.Sparkpaw at that time hid under a tree. As he drank the strange drink, he was starting to question himself. "Why couldnt i get a weapon, why do i suck, why do people hate me?" he questioned.After the entire day of trying to track down Dot, Whaley got tired, so he laid over a tree to rest. Suddenly, he heard footsteps and saw Pokeball. He felt tired, and Whaley decided to give him a hug. Pokeball, however disagreed, and told him "Hey Whaley, you seem nice, can you not kill me?" Whaley agreed, and they fell asleep together.Sparkpaw, meanwhile was exploring the arena more, avoiding anyones sight. Then, he noticed something sneaking in the bushes. He was surprised to see Soth jump out of the bushes, surprising him. After some discussion, Soth and Sparkpaw held hands, agreeing that they might start an alliance soon.Next day, Sparkpaw was taking a stroll, and he noticed Whaley's corpse laying down near a tree, and a letter. The letter said:"Hey, anyone who came here.I- killed sorry..i had to..GreetingsPokeball."Sparkpaw was oddly confused, but at the same time he was happy since he found a tiny river for free water.Time passed. Its night time. Sparkpaw felt tired, but wasnt ready to sleep. He searched all around the arena to find items, and found a box. He opened it, and saw a explosive right in his hands. That was a sponsor! Sparkpaw was pretty happy, and after he snatched the sponsor, he went right to sleep.Morning time! Sparkpaw awoke to a sound of something sparking on his fur. It was Sparkie. He told, that he, Ringy, Cool and Dot were going to hunt for food. Sparkpaw oblinged to go hunting, and they went together to hunt for the rest of the day.After the hunt was over, Sparkpaw noticed a fire. Finnally! Warmth. He also noticed Emar and Ziz there. They relaxed there until Sparkie came. As they noticed he was getting mad, they ran away. Unlucky.Welp, atleast tomorrow was a good day for Sparkpaw. He went to search for some firewood to warm himself. This calmed him down for a bit, since he no longer would die from hypothermia.But actually, the firewood wasnt useful at all! Today's night, Sparkpaw convinced Zizzy to snuggle with him! Wow, kinda weird since the firewood Sparkpaw collected was useless.Its time for the feast.At that time, Sparkpaw was preparing to attack Emar. As Emar went towards the Cornucopia, something beneath his feet caught him. It was a trap! As he tried to escape, Sparkpaw came towards Emar, teasing him and telling him he was a true loser. After a single bite, Emar was over.Days and nights passed...everything was fine for Sparkpaw...until one day..Sparkpaw was chilling over a fire. The fire really warmed him off. By warmed, i mean SERIOUSLY. Sparkpaw was catching on actual fire. Since he moved from his camp, he couldnt find a lake, and was forced to die, catched by a fire. Well...atleast he could see his friends Soth, who died by..being kicked by stupid Dot and Whaley.
Adopted by Momma Dino (POV vore)You carefully walked through the humongous forest, watching your back and front at every turn. You don't know how you got here, one minute you were asleep in bed, the next you suddenly woke up on the ground in the middle of this forest. And if that weren't scary enough, what you saw in front of you scared you even more: there were dinosaurs all around you in this very same forest.You continued your walk through this dangerous area, lost, alone, and afraid. When suddenly, you heard some growling coming from some nearby bushes. You stared at them in fear and suddenly your eyes widen when a pack a raptors jumped out of them. The pack of five raptor quickly surrounded you in a circle before beginning to close in on you. You closed your eyes and braced yourself for the inevitable attack...*ROOOOOAAAAARRRRR!!!*An ear splintering roar was heard, and it caused all of the raptors to flee in fear. Suddenly you heard some loud stomping from behind you, you turned around and your jaw dropped at what you saw.,In front of you was a huge t-rex! It had to be at least thirty feet tall and was covered in brown and tan scales. it had golden eyes with black pupils and many large fangs protruding out if it's maw.The t-rex leans it's huge head down in front of you and nuzzles your head kindly. "are you alright little one?" you heard it say in a female voice.Your eyes widen as you heard it spoke, not expecting it- no her to speak. "Y-ya I am fine. Did you save me from those raptors?" you responded.She gave you a toothy smile. "Of course I did! I couldn't just yet them kill and eat a defenseless little creature like you.""Wow, thanks miss t-rex." you say with a smile."Naww~, your welcome sweetie. Say, it's very dangerous in these parts, how about you stay with me? I'll keep you safe and take care of you. I can be like your mother!" She offers.You smile and give her a big hug. "I'd love that!" you look up into her eyes. "thanks... mom."She gives you a sweet smile and gives you a big affectionate lick. "Your welcome... my child. Now let me keep you someplace safe so you can stay protected.The Momma Dino moves her head down towards you and opens her maw wide in front of you.,"You will be safe inside of me. Go on, climb on in." she says kindly. You agree and climb inside her maw. once you were on the center of her huge, warm, and slimy tongue she clamped her maw shut, encasing you inside her warm wet maw., ,,As you now laid within the Momma Dino's maw, you couldn't really see anything around you other then his many sharp teeth and tongue, and the only thing you could smell was her meat scented breath. The t-rex immediately began to lick around your body, tasting every part of you and covering every single bit of you with her dinosaur saliva.Suddenly you felt gravity shift as she opened her maw and tossed you out of it and up into the air. Once you reached the apex and begin you fall, you looked down and saw Momma Dino, ready to catch you in her maw.,You kept falling closer and closer until you fell right between her jaws. You didn't even touch her tongue at all and fell straight into her gullet.,*GUUULP*,,,*SPLASH*In one huge quick swallow, Momma Dino sent you sliding down her throat and right into her stomach, you landed with a 'splash' in the pool of liquids inside her belly.You quickly got comfy in Momma Dino's tummy. Her belly was pretty spacious so you had enough room to lay down and relax. You laid in the bubbling pool of liquids, and as you did so, you noticed that you felt no pain from these liquids, other then a barely noticeable tingling sensation. you smiled, knowing that Momma Dino is keeping you completely safe inside her. You also noticed that my predator's stomach carried the same meaty scent as Momma Dino's breath, except in here in her tummy it was much more pungent. You continued to relax in Momma Dino's belly, and as you did the natural heat combined with the gentle sounds of Momma Dino's tummy, breathing and heartbeat, and the comfort of her belly started to make you very drowsy."Ahh... there we go, all safe and sound now. You get some rest in there now, while I look for some lunch for us, okay sweetie?" Momma Dino said."ok, mom. Thank you." you respondedYou closed your eyes and fell asleep, happy to now have a kind mother like Momma Dino to protect you.THE END
All-Star WarZone: The FingerEntrance: The Finger is seen 'talking' to his mother before he turns to see the opponent. He then gives them a crazed smile before he draws out his bow and aims a arrow forward.Exit: The Finger poses triumphantly before he runs into a bush and waits for his next target while 'talking' to his mother.Standard (Light): Jabs with bowStandard (Medium): Shoves forwardStandard (Heavy): Slashes knieLauncher: Headbutts upwardsAerial (Light): Elbow strikeAerial (Medium): DropkicksAerial (Heavy): Swings tree branch downwardsCrouching (Light): PunchesCrouching (Medium): Sweeps with bowCrouching (Heavy): Pokes knifeGrab: Catch & ReleaseThe Finger grabs his opponent and holds them in a reverse grip. He then cleches their sides so hard, they fly out of his hands in pain.Special Moves:Woods Assassination: The Finger fires a arrow that explodes upon contact with the opponent. He can also fire upwards, overhead, or to the ground, which releases a fire trail forward.Nature Bojistu: The Finger pulls out a tree branch and does a combo of fast swings.The Finger Got Skills: The Finger lunges to grab his opponent and slam them over him to the ground that bounces them upwards.Leaf Bramble: The Finger rolls forward and does a knife slash that leaves the opponent bleeding if it lands.Super Move: 40 Arrow Armada The Finger fires one arrow to the opponent that explodes, sending them up. Afterwards, the Finger fires thirty nine arrows toward the opponent, which sets off a chain reaction of explosions before the last one blasts the foe back down to the arena.Ultimate Move: Woods WrestlingThe Finger ducks below as a log ludges forward to the opponent. If this lands, the Finger then walks to the foe and shows them his extra finger as they look at it in horror. He then grabs their face while holding them over his knee and does a leaping backbreaker to them, shattering their back as he then dropkicks them away. As the opponent gets up, the Finger then does a rushing clothesline to them, followed by him doing a powerful double kneedrop. Lastly, the Finger grabs the foe and then fires multiple arrows that form a circle around them before slamming them. He fires one in the center that then sets off all the other arrows as it sends the opponent blasting off.Alternate Costumes:Normal AppearanceKraven the Hunter CosplayPurple GearOrange GearUniverse: Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesTitle: The Bigfoot Hunter MadmanHome Stage: North Hampton WoodsVoice Actor: Jesse Ventura

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Commission for Airin-the-Fox by SagaKuroi
Full Blown Panic by CrimsonsCreations
Aurelie by untuox
Daft punk Discover by Oscarliima
Digital Art
Commission for redblade454 by SagaKuroi
YCH for CRiMSOnALLOY by SagaKuroi
YCH for TRexDruid by SagaKuroi
Bagbean #5186 - Ocean Man by CherryScallop
Dirty Harry by JTRIII
Ruby Vol. 7 by FlyingPrincess
Princess Mercury - Collab by FlyingPrincess
Osoro Shidesu by FlyingPrincess
The Overseer by Rando-Unissuy
Holding the Sun by Rando-Unissuy
Bright Glow by Rando-Unissuy
Loup blanc de Siberie by LePtitSuisse1912
Look At His Void Eyes by Rando-Unissuy
I Want Food by Rando-Unissuy
Fox (Edit) by Rando-Unissuy
Ocean delirium by cyanidekathr
Comic and manga
Kilala Princess - Vol 1: Page 9 by FlyingPrincess
Ceramic Cuttlefish Whistle 5 by Ronnie-R15
YCH - Commission SET (OPEN) Emergency YCH by SagaKuroi
Yuna - Final Fantasy X-2 by Yuninka2
Costume and clothes
Cozy Capelet by WhimsicalSquidCo
Five Leopards (GIF) by Likopinina
Extra Life by PixelPaintShop
Snailberry Pixel Icon by CherryScallop
Best Friends Day Sletch (2019) by Ninapedia
Peter's Scrapbook by Ronnie-R15
Logo, vector and Typography
Ladies Making Comic Logo by Ninapedia
I don't ship MushuXAriel (Stamp) by lygiamidori
Selling and promoting
OPEN - Fullbody Icons by CherryScallop
Dolls and game edits
Emma - Orc Girl form by SassyDragon18
Kaiju - DOGORA by SilentHill2001
The Red Avenger Raingutter Racer by Ronnie-R15
Unpainted Metal Sea Turtle 6 by Ronnie-R15
Moon stone in purple wrapping by IanirasArtifacts
OPEN - Cottagecore Critters by CherryScallop
Pixel art
Minecraft Jirachi Wallpaper - inostupid by inostupid
Cat by zaboss3
One Eyed Bitches by Ninapedia
figure 6/7 by VictoriaInArts
Devious Folder 4
Disco Fever by Silerna
spontaneous combustion by FloralGarbage







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