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Toph Beifong Wig Tutorial

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Here you go! Toph tutorial #2.

I am very happy with how my wig turned out, and I'm glad to be able to share this with all of you. If you have any questions, let me know!


Extra Help

Suggested base wig:…

Odango method (explains how to wrap the hair):
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where did you get the extra hair from?
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Sally beauty supply but you can also order it from a place like arda wigs (look for wefts)
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THANK YOU! You're a life saver. I literally had no idea what I was doing and was just sitting here with no ideas on how to do this.

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Thank you for this tutorial! I made a few modifications and made my own Toph wig. I really appreciate you writing this all out <3
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I really like wig! You did a very good job explaining how to make my own. Thank you so much for your work.  I had a few questions about making the wig. I'm sorry to bother you so much.

1. The wig that you used is no longer available, do you have any recommendations on wigs?
2. When you're hallowing the Circle, how do you when to stop?
3. Do you mind posting a picture of where on the body to measure from to make sure its accurate?
4. On step 5, when you say "do the opposite for the back", which part are you talking about and can you clarify what that means?
5. When you place the wig inside, how do you position it to where its looks correct so that when you wear it its not crooked?
6. Which part of the wig do you sew into the fabric?

Is it possible for you to send me larger pictures of your demo pictures? I have a difficult time seeing your thumbnails. 

Thanks for your time! This is my first time making my own wig!
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i'll respond here instead of your note so others can see this.

1. i would recommend taking a look at arda's short wig line, but i don't have a specific recommendation.
2. just when it will sit where you want it, and firmly on your head & wig. doesn't need to be hollowed any more than that.
3. don't know what you mean here. if you mean the size of the bun, i would just look up some pics of toph and try to compare it to your own proportions.
4. i just mean that instead of carving an upward slope, you're carving downward from the peak of the bun.
5. just test on your own head, compare to reference, move until it looks good.
6. there is netting inside of a wig that is a bunch of fabric that you can sew onto.

i don't think i have those files anymore ,sorry :(
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I've done both. Recently I've just worn plain brown sandals that I could kick off for pictures.
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Where did you buy the foam?
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Is that like a Arts and Crafts store?
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It's got fabric and some crafts stuff
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You said in your previous post that you only need 1 foot of it. At Joann's can you buy just 12"? Their online store has like yards of it...
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yes in store you can buy a foot.
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So useful!! Awesome!! 
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This will be super useful, thanks! I was looking for a Toph wig but this tutorial will make it way easier to get the desired shape.

To anyone having difficulty with the black paint soaking into the foam, if you cover the foam with a light layer of artist's gesso, it will prevent the paint from soaking and will save you a lot of time and paint. I haven't tried it on this wig, but I've used it on various types of foam in the past and it shouldn't leave any weird lumps unless you cake it on way too heavy. Hope this helps.
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no problem. thanks for sharing that tip!
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THIS IS AWESOME! Thank you so much! I will definently use this for my cosplay. About how much do all of the supplies cost in total?
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Thanks and you're welcome! I don't really remember but probably $40-$75
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I didnt see when you used the caulk and freezing spray. Do we need them? Also, instead of sinthetic hair, can we use hair extensions or a cut up wig?
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