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Sora's Shoes Tutorial


Here's the tutorial I did for my shoes. Enjoy. If you have any questions, just ask.

Forgot to add the zipper link!
Buy the one without the pully thing.
I don't remember this site having different lengths when I bought mine. I measured my shoe, though, and I used around 14" of the zipper. I have very small feet, though, (I can't remember if I bought a size 5 or 6 in the Converse), so the length you need to buy all depends on your shoe size. I would get ATLEAST 18" to be safe, but again, it all depends on your shoe size.
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the link doesn't work.
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I can't believe this is all the way from 2009, but this is seriously helping me with the shoes for KH3 cosplay. This tutorial combined with a friend who actually knows how to sew is working wonders! Hoping to finish up the shoes tonight and the rest of the costume by the weekend. Just had to pop and and say thanks for the amazing tutorial!
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I've been looking for this tutorial forever. It's really awesome! XD I'm going to start the shoes tomorrow! Any advice to give? :) And also is this the right zip? [link] Any Help is appreciated :meow:
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looks right to me but it's been a while :)
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Okay :) Thank you! ><
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I saw someone at megacon in these my mom was tring hard not to laugh becouse the persin couldnt walk in them
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haha they can be tough to walk in. maybe they made them too big
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Hey, these look wonderful. I'm considering adapting this tutorial to make Neku's Shoes from the world ends with you. Any suggestions you might have?
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The game is also by squeenix, so the shoes are pretty similar.
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looks like you won't have to change much outside of not padding the front of them as much
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Must. Make. Shoes.
Thank you so much for this.
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Yey I have been looking for this! Thank you :)
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