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A While Away
   I looked up from the letter that had arrived in the mail and blinked back tears. My son had not made it. They didn’t have enough oxygen and the crew thought it would be better to die quick instead of slow. They had exploded that ship. I closed my eyes and leaned back in my chair. Images flew behind my eyelids until it settled on my Grandfather.
   He was sent to Mars because German scientists thought they found a type of bacteria that could cure cancer. He had only told me the story once, but I never forgot.
   The Britain made the ship and we crazy Americans flew it. Grandfather was the pilot and the one to get the samples. He had an engineer with him too, but on the day before the flight, his partner caught swine flu and couldn’t go. Grandfather had shook his head told me he'd said he was going whether they wanted him to or not.
   His brother, only ten, had heart cancer and had an estimated week left…enough time for Grandf
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Letter from the War
Dear Mother,
       Mom...I saw Donnie today on the field. I was eating my lunch and lit up a stick. I know you think they are bad, but I was hyped up from the fighting. It is a glorious feeling to know you are what decides whether a man dies or lives. Then, I was shot at from across the street. They had seen my light. I had to shoot back before I was killed because I didn’t want to return to you in a box. I tricked the other guy into thinking he had me and when he stood up, I shot him.
   I had to take a sip from my canister for the deed was not a cheery sight. I thought it right to at least see who the guy was. So I risked my life against a machine gun to find out who it was. When I turned over the body lying in the was Donnie. I laid in shock. I bent over and hurled my lunch into the street as rage and sorrow squeezed my stomach. I took the hankie you made for me and laid it over his face.
   Dear lord, my pen is shaking from
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413 by Makes-Wishes 413 :iconmakes-wishes:Makes-Wishes 1 3
Best Vacation Meme (blank)
This is the best vacation to     1     ever! Can you believe the weather? It was    2     most of the time I were there. I went on    3     and saw 
   4   . I encourage you to    5      when you get the chance. Also,  saw    6     while I was there and we had a(n)   7    time together. However, the whole time I was away I could't help but think about    8   . I was actually relieved to return home! At least they/he/she didn't destroy the place. However, this was the greatest vacation I've had in    9   .
1. What are you doing right now?
Reading: Disney World
Breathing: The Himalayas
Nothing much: My couch
Other: Nowhere special
2. What hemisphere do you live in?
North-Western: Snowing
South-Western: Pouring
North-Eastern: Perfectly sunny
South-Eastern: Hot and hum
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Christmas Shoes
I want to say before I write this that this is NOT mine. I just love it so much that I wanted to post it. I will try to find the copyright for it (since it is a movie and probably composed by a couple of people) as soon as I can. What the boy says is part of the song "The Christmas Shoes" and the back ground story I semi made up (I can't remember the exact lyrics, but the story goes along these lines.) What ever you do, don't cry on your key board!
  A little boy walks up to the counter of a store and I stand behind him. He had on thin clothing for winter and he seemed in a hurry. The cashier eyed him wearily, and asked him what he wanted. He said:
     "Sir, I want to buy these shoes,
     for my momma, please.
     It''s Christmas Eve and these shoes are just her size.
     Could you hurry, sir?
     Daddy says there's not much time.
     You see, she's been sick for quite a while,
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Summer Pond by Makes-Wishes Summer Pond :iconmakes-wishes:Makes-Wishes 3 0

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Woven Words (Palindrome)
I can, or
rather I must, 
change their mind, 
or else changed I am.
Haunting yet not quite magical,
love's woven
in small portions
drips from tears-wet walls.
Woven too
are words of wisdoms,
thus folly of man is
never occuring again
~ and ~
never occuring again
is man of folly thus.
Wisdoms of words are
woven too.
Walls wet tears from drips;
portions small in
woven loves.
Magical? Quite not, yet haunting.
Am I changed else or
mind their change;
must I rather
or, can I?
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 2 0
Alive (Tetractys)
and me
we make two
and we will be
three with the swell of your growing tummy.
I listen to the thump-thump of your heart,
I hear it beat
the gift of
of our
and then
thump thump thump,
then you awake from our baby kicking.
needless to know if it is male or not;
just be alive-
I'll be a
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 1 0
Eye for an eye
"Turn the other cheek!"
a priest commanded,
spittle dripping from my face;
I was searching for
a way through life and
thought Hell! Why not?
and let him slap
the other cheek too.
These pretentious words
weren't any use though, so
I thought Why follow
what the bible says?
I should do it
the other way around!
Instead, I lived the
'eye for an eye' way--
I passed every blow back
and turned every joke
upside down, and
it was great fun! --
but then I met a bloke 
carrying a gun, and
finally, I knew what
the bible should have said:
For living by 'eye for an eye'
one needs to have a
damn lot of eyes.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 20 11
Bad Poem-Poem
Today, I challenged myself to write
bad poetry, but how do I do it right?
I should try to force some rhymes,
use cliches a good thousand times;
and what the hell is meter? --
is a poem better if it's sixtythousandninehundredandtwelve kilometres?
God knows how long it will take
until my sense for style does awake;
I should also probably - I don't know, really... - take a break,
because my fingers, oh god, they ache!
My pen indeed is of heavy weight,
but the words it writes, they are great!
If I continue at this rate,
my hand will be in quite worse a state.
It is also getting late!
Sleepy people await
the dawn of day as the clock strikes eight.
I am sleepy and thus irate,
but I know and understand the debate,
that were the sun to rise at times so late,
the greatest number would be that of unemployment rate.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 2 0
Live Today (Inversionmeter)
is just another way
to avoid a work-filled day.
Lest it becomes routine,
count from one to three and
live today.
has sent its best wishes;
work undone is with them, too.
Lest it becomes routine,
count from one to three and
live today.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 3 0
Sonnet no. 6 (Beymorilin)
Cold love resides with pure anxiety,
lest we do not dare to think by ourselves.
Thereof, of course, answers Propriety:
"Agree not, yet you could note it yourself."
With eyes you too believe to pierce the veil
that had been sprawled by a dark mage's spell.
Their lies make you believe it's their own tale;
of said kind is their cold yet burning hell.
But fear not if you are a man of wit,
for one like you can note tell-tales inept.
Appear unknowing lest to fit their grid
and shun their false wisdom with disrespect.
I shake my head before society,
the snake that swallowed our sobriety.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 6 0
I tripped over the border
where knowledge meets life;
and where once I felt confined,
I now feel alive.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 3 2
Turn the Page (Go Vat)
Betwixt the hours nine and eight
lies a story full of fate;
waits for you to turn the page.
Don't let it go to ruinous state,
this one be one of heavy weight;
wait not 'til you die of old age.
Moments pass by; it's getting late.
Remember that this fate is great -
it waits for you to turn the page.
It has waited for you 'til this date,
so open up the book's proud gate;
open up and turn the page.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 2 0
Heap of Words (Than-Bauk)
The words I find
are confined by
my mind which sleeps;
blind it leaps and
then keeps them in
heaps locked away.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 3 0
My Way to Poetry (Rubaiyat)
I was told to read ere I take the pen,
differ betwixt good and bad poems then;
a helpful hand was nowhere to be found,
so I tried and tried, again and again.
Every poem carved another wound
for I knew it was bad in rhyme and sound.
Without help I did not know right from wrong,
but I sticked to writing, lest be aground.
Just today I know where I do belong:
to prose, poetry, writing; a life long.
'Til the muse leaves me I shall write in verse
and let all the fools hear my lashing tongue.
To a pause I would not be that averse;
inspiration at times is like a curse -
then I remember how I had begun
and know again that I could have it worse.
Oh, if all the progress had not been done,
if by my trusted readers I'd been shun;
unpertubed my pen would be broken in two,
a shamefaced mask be hidden from the sun.
I may have started slow, but I too grew.
Fully fledged all my potential broke through;
Where ere my river was barren and dry 
words flow out of me with little ado.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 2 0
That's me when I fall
Can you see a broken heart?
  shatters crimson red. 
Can you see a disease within?
  befoul veins with pest. 
Can you see the angels fall?
  their tears bleed like the rain. 
No, of course you can't -
but you can see me
when I fall.
Can you feel how dreams die?
  all tainted black.
Can you feel these ghostly hands?
  fingers stroke your hair. 
Can you feel the light?
 it pumps through my veins. 
No, of course you can't -
but you can see me
when I fall.
The shadow that falls on the sun -
that's me when I fall.
Abandoned promises; left to die -
that's me when I fall.
The teardrops that stain your skin -
that's me when I fall.
You can see me when I fall,
fall and fall and fall and fall;
grow bigger every passing moment -
a cloud that blocks out the sun.
And you can feel me when I fall-
palpable thoughts will grab your wrists.
I will drag you down with me
when I fall.
One becomes two
when I fall.
Will you make it three
when we fall?
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 3 0
Sonnet no. 5 (Petrarchan Shadow)
Here I am; can you not hear
I am right here before your eye?
By hands untouched you must go by
ear since my flesh and mind died ere.
Shattered, yes; my heart has shattered.
Pride all gone; had I even pride?
Tied to this realm 'til she is tied,
scattered ghost; roses she scattered.
Possess no body but possess
whiff, a ghostly; send her love with
and she must wed me in the end.
Dress, my love! in thee wedding dress!
Smith our wedlock ere priest and smith!
A scent of love then I ascend.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 3 0
The Ravages of Time
The Ravages of Time never cease to do what they must,
ageing and changing, degrading from clay to dust.
So how do you expect to win if Time is taking a toll?
Your armies will crumble and stumble, withering as a whole.
What power could dare defy the Lord of Time?
What proof do you need to see that it is sublime?
Your life is but a candle that your parents lit;
time's taking a deep breath, exhales - and that's it.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 35 13
Sonnet no. 4 (Petrarchan Shadow)
Tell me, with what right do you tell
wrong truths to young ones; did they wrong?
Long did I wait, but now I long
well to push you into a well.
Smell of panic is what I smell
along with how you play along.
Strong muscles slacken, never strong;
fare well, these lines be your farewell.
I will let you slip from my eye.
Run wherever you need to run;
know I won't send you to hell now.
Lie though, I will know where you lie.
Sun's just light will betray you, son.
Bow now, before I make you bow.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 3 2



Dear bullies,

The boy you punched in the hall today? Committed suicide a few minutes ago.

That girl you called a slut in class today? She's a virgin.

The boy you called lame? He has to work every night to support his family.

That girl you pushed down the other day? She is already being abused at home.

You think you know them. Guess what, you don't!

Re-post this if you are against bullying.

Gotten from Sky-91


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United States
I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I experimented. When my sixth grade English teacher told me my stories were the best she's read, I decided to be a writer. Later in High School, I realized I wanted to help others discover their writing talents as well, so I wanted to also become an English teacher. I am very fond of books (meaning I read 24/7) and also would like to be a librarian. However, deep down, I have always wanted to sing and draw. I can do both manageably, but neither well, so I have joined this website so that I can observe and feel a part of the magic. I hope to follow my dreams and wish all to follow theirs no matter the consequences.


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