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Hello, this journal is for you, to make your day much more happier. I would like to invite you on my youtube channel, where you can meet my pets - Pchla and Kotlet. I hope that you help me with watching those films and you'll be happy of that thing. Do you like cats, especially funny cats?…

Please, enjoy and smile! :)
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Scammer BewareFinal Update 2/11: PayPal deemed that I'm covered by Seller Protection and my money has been returned to my account. I'll be keeping this journal up to ensure others are aware of this users actions and to avoid doing business with them.
I highly recommend selling adopts/commissions using invoices on PayPal. I can't imagine how much more difficult this would have been if I hadn't set up invoices prior.
Thank you so much everyone for the support! <3Update 30/10: So the case was closed and then re-opened immediately. They found I've done nothing wrong, but are now investigating the scammers bank accounts (?), and stated I won't get any form of refund until their investigation is complete with no timeline in sight.So I checked my PayPal yesterday and saw a chargeback pending. I followed up and checked who submitted it - a client who has received the entire order.,,,Currency doesn't exactly match due to exchange rates. Censored any possible identifying information for privacy reasons. The user in question goes by @/buttersyeet and they had ordered 7 ship kids from me through PayPal, totalling to $9.45 USD in SeptemberProof that they paid me: ,They also attempted to order three more times, but the first they said they didn't see so I cancelled and sent again, then cancelled when they claimed they were "no longer interested". Then the third order came in and I sent the invoice, which was immediately cancelled on their end and they never responded to my correspondence about why. ,,,,,I also sent them a note with every single ship result that they ordered in case they missed my repeated deliveries, before warning them if the dispute wasn't withdrawn I would warn others. ,Naturally, I haven't heard anything and the dispute is still being "reviewed" after submitting my evidence. I'm relatively confident that PayPal will find in my favour - I'm making this journal to try and warn other artists to avoid this user to avoid this same issue occurring. All evidence is here with information censored as necessary.If you want to support me it would mean a lot! I'm selling a lot of characters after this! ,
The nightingale of Rome (Chapter 2)Filippo Di Martinoz the infamous priest from the cathedral of Rome poured a glass of wine and drank a sip.He thought back to today's event, when he was wearing a black cape and pursued Agnés.Never before had he seen a more beautiful woman, her long brown fluffy hair and her twinkling brown eyes made him almost die of charm."Agnés will be mine, whether she wants to or not." Filippo thought.he became full of rage and hatred when he thought of how Captain Gillipo had stood and seduced her with his enchanting charm and his handsome appearance.Filippo understood that he had to get rid of Gillipo before he took Agnés away from him, he decided to talk to his little friends "Victor" and "Hugo".Victor and Hugo were two grey and dirty church rats who were not only Filippo's pets, but also his faithful and close friends.They were as insidious and malicious as their owner.“Victor and Hugo! Where are you ?! Come, I want to talk to you! Yelled Filippo.It took a few minutes.After a while they came running."It was not me who ate your cheese, it was Hugo!" Victor said, pointing to Hugo.Hugo shook his head."It was not me who ate your shoe, it was Victor!" In Hugo."Not at all!""It sure was!"The two rats continued their quarrel until Filippo had enough."If you two do not stop arguing, I will personally grind you down in the milk mill!" Yelled Filippo enraged.Both rats became frightened and listened."This is how it is, I have seen a woman named Agnés, she is the most beautiful woman in all of Italy, I want you to help me kidnap her, then you will bring her to me, then I will, take care about her if we say so. ” Filippo said and smiled insidiously.When the rats understood what their owner meant when he said he would take care of the young woman, their fur turned white with fear, but they had to obey.Filippo went on to tell his malicious plan.The rats grinned wickedly."We will not disappoint you, master." Victor and Hugo said in unison, then they ran out of the cathedral.Filippo smiled and walked away and drank a new glass of wine.But none of them suspected that someone was standing outside the cathedral gates and had heard everything about Philippo's plan, it was Amelio.Amelio was a struggling playwrightt and authorwho lived in a small cottage in the middle of Rome.He had written many short stories, but none of them had been sold, so were his plays, the people of the city hated them and loved to mock him for his bad short stories.Amelio was also hopelessly in love with Agnés, but unfortunately she was not in love with him back."I must warn Agnés!" Amelio thought.He quickly threw on his shoes and ran down the had become night, the pale light of the moon shone so brightly and the sky was covered with stars.Meanwhile, Agnés and Gino were on their way home, they had performed in the square again and luckily they had not been caught.Then Amelio met them."Is that you again?" Said Agnés tired."Listen, I have…" Amelio started but was interrupted by Agnés."Listen, how many times do I have to tell you, I'm not your wife and I will never be either, go now!" Said Agnes."Agnés listen to me, the priest Filippo has a plan, he plans to kidnap you, then he will assault you, he swore he would get you whether you want it or not." Explained Amelio. Agnés had to believe Amelio."Thank you for warning me, I have no time to lose, me and Gino have to hide!" Said Agnes.But where would they hide?Then Gino got an idea."The Church!" She called."Smart Gino, in the church we can claim sanctuary, and no one may take anyone from the church." Agnés said and patted Gino.Amelio also thought it sounded like a good idea.And so it became.That night, Amelio Agnés helped away to a church that was a long way from Philippi Cathedral.When they arrived at the church, Agnés said goodbye to the author.Amelio had hoped to get a kiss or at least a hug, but since Agnés was already in love with Gillipo, she forbade him from touching her.Meanwhile, Victor and Hugo were in full swing trying to find Agnés, they had searched everywhere but had not found her, they had even searched the sewers."Filippo will not like this." Said Victor.Hugo nodded."But if something goes wrong, we blame you." in Hugo."It sounds like a great idea. No, it does not at all, we blame you!" Victor answered.And then the quarrel started again.None of the rats guessed all the time that passed while they were fussing.Eventually it became day.This particular day was a special day. it was namely carnival in Rome just this day, full of confectionery, songs drinks and dancers.But Agnés did not notice anything at first, she and Gino each hid inside the church.Agnés squatted down next to Gino.Take it easy sweetie, the cruel Filippo will never find us here.But then she realized it was a carnival, and she did not want to miss it.
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Leon Kennedy (8) by AuraIan
Leon, Claire and Angela by AuraIan
Ada Wong (2) by AuraIan
Jill and Ada by AuraIan
Humanisation Tutorial by Butterfrogmantis
TIPS ON COMPOSITION - A YouTube Tutorial by javicandraw
Super Girl Step by Step GIF Animation by BerenyiArts
HOW TO DRAW FACES IN ALL ANGLES - On Youtube by javicandraw
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