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  1. No bad comments! (e.g. spam, racism, yiff, negative)

  2. You are free to draw my original characters and/or fan characters, but do NOT draw them with ugly, butt, nipple, nudity and other gross stuff! (INSTANT BLOCKED)

  3. Do NOT ponify my characters EVER!!! (INSTANT BLOCKED)

  4. Do NOT post a chain letter on my profile, art, journal and anywhere!

  5. No asking me about beta key, private group or other private stuff. That only for friends and favorite artist.

  6. No transformation sequence of my characters! (INSTANT BLOCKED)

  7. Do NOT show any spoilers on my page until I completed the game/watched the movie with all achievements unlocked.

  8. NEVER re-create Month of Rage and Threat or else you will be blocked forever and add to Hall of Antagonists and make hate art out of you! (Do Not Ask!) (INSTANT BLOCKED)

  9. No asking me for a face reveal!

  10. DO NOT USE THE WORDS "Super Crown" or "Peachette" or "Bowsette" EVER!!! Because these words has been blacklisted forever because of toxic users who ruined childhood!

If you'll break any of the rules, you will be receive a warning. Break them again, you will be blocked!

Banned List:

  1. Nate-Spidgewood is now permanent banned from ToonRealm because he's NSFW/Fetish Artist.

  2. FluffyFerret97 betrayed me for getting me mortality banned from DA Points. He's now banned from ToonRealm.

  3. OCTAVlA has been blocked & banned for rest of his eternal life for breaking Rule No.3

  4. StrikerTheFoxy changed his mind and he become worst NSFW artist ever! He's now banned from ToonRealm.

  5. TellyWebToons ragely blocked me for no reason. Now he's banned from ToonRealm.

  6. justicesquad / roselover200310 keeps annoying us with RPs Weapons, and he also using Pollical and Religious to this RPs which is very illegal move. roselover200310 is now banned from ToonRealm.

  7. mayed30/mayedd/mayed25 has been blocked & banned for rest of his eternal life for stealing and pirating my main OC Fane.

  8. BurgerLettuce343 has been blocked and banned for saying nasty words to my Special OC, December.

  9. LanceBrainDead13Fan

  10. EU Article 13

  11. Austim Speaks

  12. Austim Society

Itch: https://opal-planet.itch.io/

ToyhouSe: https://toyhou.se/Opal-Planet

Newgrounds: http://makatoons.newgrounds.com/

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/opalplanet123/

Weasyl: http://www.weasyl.com/~enhancedtoon

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/alec2010

FurryLife Online: https://furrylife.online/profile/14949-opal-planet/

Element: https://matrix.to/#/+makatoonscommunity:matrix.org

Dropbox Referral Link: db.tt/i2d0UwiO

Budsies Referral Link: referrals.budsies.com/l/2A012D…

Favourite Visual Artist
Bill Kopp, Charles Schultz, Jim Jinkins, Milton Knight, Certain Cartoonists
Favourite Movies
Star Wars, Middle-Earth, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Rankin/Bass Xmas, Pixar Movies, Dreamworks Movies and Brave Little Toaster
Favourite TV Shows
Felix the Cat, Eek! the Cat, Peanuts, PB&J Otter, Steven Universe, The Simpsons and Mighty Magiswords
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Jean-Michel Jarre, Magic Sword, Kebu, Legowelt, Kristofer Maddigan and Aubrey Hodges
Favourite Books
Game Programming Book, DC Comics and Marvel Comics
Favourite Games
Lucasarts Games, Toonstruck, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Draw a Stickman: Epic, Garry's Mod, Yoshi, Borderlands, Doom, Portal, Lego Games and Other Classic Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, iOS, Chromebook, C64 Mini, Sega Mega Mini (Japan), New 3DS and Nintendo Switch
Tools of the Trade
Anime Studio Pro 11, Clip Studio Paint Pro, Inkscape, Krita, Pro Motion NG, Wings 3D, Blender, Pencil, Eraser, Paper and Intuos Comic Tablet
Fun Fact: Classic Rugrats, All Grown Up!, and Reboot Rugrats never has weirdness & slapsticks (including wildtakes). Pikwik Pack, The Cyberchase, Arthur, The Tick, Disney Gargoyles, King of the Hill, Bluey, Peppa Pig, Dora, Caillou, MLP G1, G2 & G3, and Toy Story also never has weirdness and slapsticks.
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Ghostbusters Art Jam are coming to November 1st, 2021
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Apologize to catgirlsmaria

0 min read
To @catgirlsmaria I’m very sorry for blocking you and betraying you for no reason. I was thinking about new villain idea to rebuild my fandom wiki. Neighbor Dogs hates me for no reason, and I could not control my behavior. Can you forgive me?
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listen opal, starkey needs you to unblock him now!

Okay. I unblocked him.

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starkey is leaving forever! unblock starkey now!

unblock Starkeyfan8942 now!