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I'm planning to draw Skyflare the Gemimal giving Blue Mana/Energy Lessons to Other OC and Rune the Raccoon giving Green Mana/Energy Lessons to Other OC.
  • Listening to: CHRIS2.MID
  • Reading: 9 Verb PDF
  • Watching: GMS2 Tutorial + Course
  • Playing: Dungeon Keeper (Classic)
  • Eating: FunkO's Cereal
  • Drinking: Juice


Alec M
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

1. No bad comments! (e.g. spam, racism, yiff, negative)
2. You are free to draw my original characters and/or fan characters, but do NOT draw them with ugly, butt, nipple, nudity and other gross stuff! (INSTANT BLOCKED)
3. Do NOT ponify my characters! (INSTANT BLOCKED)
4. Do NOT post a chain letter on my profile, art, journal and anywhere!
5. No asking me about beta key, private group or other private stuff. That only for friends and favorite artist.
6. No transformation sequence of my characters! (INSTANT BLOCKED)
7. Do NOT show any spoilers on my page until I completed the game/watched the movie with all achievements unlocked.
8. NEVER re-create June: Month of Rage and Threat or else you will be blocked forever and add to Hall of Antagonists and make hate art out of you! (INSTANT BLOCKED)
9. No asking me for a face reveal!

If you'll break any of the rules, you will be receive a warning. Break them again, you will be blocked!
Tiny Toon Stamp - Anvil for Using my Art... by Bouncy-Bunny Anti Ponifying by Ask-Cat-and-OCs

Requests - Closed by SweetDuke Requests is closed forever because I'm busy completing game challenge to unlock achievements, creating new character and artifact item and finishing drawing special for people they want. Please do NOT ask me about requests!
Trades - Open by SweetDuke I decided to re-open Art Trade once more.
Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke I can do collab, but you have to ask me for collab first. I do not do collab with ugly, nsfw or pirated/unlicensed games for you.
Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Paypal Commission is closed, because my drawing quality just isn't good enough.
Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Point Commission is closed forever.
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke I can draw birthday gift and special gift such as OCs, Favorite Characters, Gift Items and more for Friends and Favorite Artists.
Kiribans - Closed by SweetDuke Forget Kiribans

Underrated OC Stamp by Makatoons

GAMER Hardcore STAMP by Faeth-design Gamer Progamer Stamp by Faeth-design

My Character Birthdays
Fane's Birthday is November 15th (2009) [Golden Topaz]
Orion's Birthday is May 4th (2018) [Emerald]
Rodney's Birthday is May 24th (2018) [Emerald]
Kayle's Birthday is August 19th (2014) [Peridot]
Amethyst's Birthday is July 15th (2017) [Ruby]
Dash's Birthday is June 3rd (2018) [Alexandrite]
Solarflare's Birthday is June 15th (2015) [Pearl]
Amber's Birthday is December 3rd (2016) [Zircon]
Armando's Birthday is November 16th (2014) [Golden Topaz]
Rune's Birthday is August 30th (2016) [Peridot]
Walter's Birthday is October 17th (2016) [Pink Sapphire]
Skyflare's Birthday is November 3rd (2015) [Golden Topaz]

Prismatic's Birthday is February 24th (2013)
Merc's Birthday is April 20 (2017)
Snowflake's Birthday is December 1st (2015)
Casper's Birthday is September 15th (2016)
Andy's Birthday is May 28th (2017)
Jib's Birthday is September 14th (2016)
Cosmos's Birthday is April 22 (2017)
Tomby's Birthday is October 30th (2014)
Jerry's Birthday is July 22th (2015)
Frost's Birthday is November 30th (2015)
Polar Bear's Birthday is December 24th (2017)
Basic's Birthday is September 8th (2015)

My Original Characters
MAT Squad Founder:
Fane the Fox (with Casper the Elyllie/Faellie/Nimbat + Jinx the Prismix)
Kayle the Cat
Armando Armadillo (with Andy the Large Guppy)
Rocky the Raccoon (with Jib the Fuzzlite)
Amethyst Rabbit
Sid the Squirrel

MAT Squad Scout:
Casper the Elyllie
Amber the Pearl Noko
Skylight the Light Blue Yoshi
Diamond Chalice (Cuphead OC)

Note (Paper Guy)

Blossom the Fox
Jasmine the Raccoon
Snorkel the Swimmer Fox
Cindy the Baby Fox
Prismatic Pinata (with Marshmallow the Seal)
Walter the Axehandle Hound
Merc Lutari/Otter (with Cosmo the Yooyu/Staryu)
Snowflake the Summer Fox
Unnamed Polar Bear
Alonzo O'Possum
Solarflare the Half-Genie Spacie (with Tomby the Ghost)
Sherry the Squirrel
Zara Marbley
Arnold the Bear
Stealth the Raccoon
Frost the Space Fox
Bluey the Blueberry Cat
Jerry the Fruitling
Skyflare the Gemimal(Bunny)
Proto the Cat
Phaz the Blue Creature
Beryl the Aqua Bat
Terry the Green Bat
Plasma the Ghost Dog
?????? the Anthro Cat
Jingle the Xmas Cat
Azura the Water Fox Elemental
Snooty Fox

Rook the Archmage (Villain)
Actora (Soul Reaper) (Villain)

Speedy the Glowsnail (??/??/20??)

My Friends:
:iconcherryfungi: His artworks is very good and Danny is my favorite character of his.
:iconwildstar27: He has a very good OCs. (especially Luka the Fairy Fox)
:iconjustinanddennis: His artwork is great! He's a very talent and fan of PB&J Otters and ALF: The Animated Series. I really like Peanut Otter.
:iconleafsfan79: He has a very cool artwork.
:iconbrendandoesart: He has the awesome drawing.
:iconsmashgamer16: She has the amazing drawing of her favorite characters. She's also fan of Kaput and Zosky.
:iconmead1992: It has the cool genie animal artwork (such as Mr. Peabody and Rocky)
:iconsarey-raccoon: He has the excellent drawing.
:iconfoxytoast: They has three cute character, that I like them.

Official Inactive/Retired
:icondragonrichard: He's the amazing artist. Well, he used to. He's most active on Facebook as freelance.
:iconmercury-cat: I like her art style. But she's long inactive.
:iconpennylesshobo: He moved to Twitter right now.

My Enemies:
:iconfluffyferret97: He made me got banned from shop and dA points.
:iconoctavla: He ponyfield my characters for violated the rules.
:iconlutzypro97: He made Month of Rage and Threat against me and my characters.

-My Stats-
Artist with Autism by JVillani88 Autism Stamp by jocund-slumber Aquarius Stamp by RSR-Productions NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz Stamp: 18 and still trick or treat by Riza-Izumi I accept commissions, not requests. by MariposaBullet PC Gamer Steam Stamp by KillboxGraphics

-My Tools-
Steam Stamp by badtrane Game Fi Stamp by alexander1301 Nintendo Switch Stamp by Fawfulthegreat64 Nintendo Switch Stamp 3 by laprasking Nintendo Switch Stamp 4 by laprasking New Nintendo 3DS XL Stamp by Himbeerfalter Amiibo Lover Stamp by DarkSSJShinji Anime Studio Stamp by Judietta GIMP Stamp by SparkLum Stamp - Clip Studio Paint Pro User | Ver. 1 by Skaterblog Krita Stamp by 8eg Stamp - Krita User (Template by firstfear) by WhiteLilyDragon Stamp - Pencil+Paper User by firstfear Stamp - Mouse User by firstfear Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Gimp User by firstfear Stamp - Inkscape User by firstfear RPG Maker 2000 Stamp by nakashimariku RPG Maker 2003 Stamp by nakashimariku Discord stamp by SheiksDWeirdo Winamp User Stamp by DarkSSJShinji

1930's Toons stamp by Genesismax autism stamp by rapidograph Daily... by prosaix gluten free.... by onegreyelephant dA bdays stamp by mxlove Toontastic-stamp by KingCharEdCoal Original character support by Codemaster9999

-My Favorite Animals-
I love Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist

-My Favorite Foods-
Stamp: Fries by Shaudnly STAMP: I love pizza by neurotripsy Pizza Stamp by Linkmax Pizza Stamp by FluffyFerret97

-My Favorite Comics-
Hyper Fox Fan Stamp by Makatoons TDT Stamp: Support #2 by JWthaMajestic I support Chuck the Chameleon stamp by coconutstevio92 Super Strike 10 fan by AlexVanArsdale Super-Strike-10-fan-(New-Style) by AlexVanArsdale

-My Favorite Games-
Chexquest stamp by Breakfastwithmontell cuphead by skystamps Cuphead stamp by Genesismax

-My Favorite Cartoons-
Felix The Cat Stamp by FelixFan9000

-My Favorite TV Shows & Movies-
Star Wars Saga Fan stamp by RetroUniverseArt Alf Stamp by poserfan

-My Favorite Artists-
SpongeFox stamp by spongefox

-My Favorite Music-
Synth love by DianaCrimsonia

2D Support Stamp by Trounced I Love 2D Animation Stamp by DP-Stamps Autism Stamp by callykarishokka autistic not retarded stamp by otakulottie I Support My Friends by Foxxie-Chan Friends Fan Stamp by PixieDust01 Stamp - I support... by Infernal-Feline People are allowed to eat cereal at night by SuperMarioFan65

Tiny Toon Stamp - Anvil for Using my Art... by Bouncy-Bunny Anti Ponifying by Ask-Cat-and-OCs I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh Chain letter stamp by Hapuriainen Say No to Chain Letters by Mr-Stamp OCs are OCs Stamp by ReikoChan no requests-stamp by Bilianna Anti-yaoi-slash stamp by Kentayne Not allowed by pjuk Anti-Yaoi Fandom Stamp by dazedgumball Dear-Bronies-Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Your Fetish by xBLOODYSMILEx Anti Art Theft Stamp by Dark-Windsong Off topic descriptions - stamp by SheiksDWeirdo Art thief beating stick stamp by vusionary

-Most Worst Show-
Anti TTG stamp by KatieRose45 Anti Breadwinners Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti SwaySway Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Buhdeuce Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Love Loaf Stamp by BubblesYesMM20No

-I disliked them-
(Request) Anti Barney and Friends Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Strawberry Shortcake Stamp by MayComedian2002 Anti The Problem Solvers Stamp by KittyJewelpet78:thumb374174631: Anti Almost Naked Animals by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Fred Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti CN Real Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 It's just a fucking horror game. by wingedoracle I don't care about Undertale by KittyJewelpet78 You can kill me now. by Sheezii Stamp Request: Anti Sausage Party by LadyRebeccaStamps:thumb579759082:

-I disliked Ultimate Evil and his Minions-
I hate Donald Trump by KittyJewelpet78 Anti-Logan Paul :STAMP: by Raccoonus-Doodus Anti Logan Paul Stamp by SailorTrekkie92 Animal rights group? More like animal abuse group. by World-Hero21 Stop TPPA by Calamord I hate Racist people by blackroselover Those Damned Troll Groups Anger Me So by endler

Mysterious Mel (RPG Maker 95)
Fane Fox C64 Demake (C64)
The Adventures of Fane Fox Remake (Adventure Game Studio)
Hyper Fox: Episode 1 (Godot 3)
The Adventures of Fane Fox 2 (Adventure Game Studio)
Eye of the Illusion Deluxe Plus (GameMaker 8)
Eye of the Illusion 2 (GameMaker: Studio or Clickteam Fusion 2.5/3)
Fane Fox World (RPG Maker 2000)
Fane Fox World 1.5: Meteors (RPG Maker 2003)
Castle of the Darkness: Action RPG (GameMaker Studio 2)
Casper World (RPG Creator)
Fane Fox World 2 (RPG Maker VX Ace)
Fane Fox Mission Pack
:star: Fane Fox World: Great Sorcery = Finished :star:
Fane Fox World 3 (RPG Maker MV)
Hyper Fox 2 (GameMaker Studio 2)
The Adventures of Fane Fox 3 (Adventure Game Studio)
Hyper Fox 3 (Unity)
Hyper Fox Legend(Hyper Fox 4) (Unreal Engine 4)

RPG Maker MV:…
Tumblr 1:
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YouTube 1:…
YouTube 2:
YouTube 3:…

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Art Software -- (Krita)
Pixel Art Software -- (GraphicsGale)
Vector Art Software -- (Inkscape)
Game Software -- (Godot)
Music Software -- (SunVox)
3D Software -- (Wings 3D)

Journal History


I'm planning to draw Skyflare the Gemimal giving Blue Mana/Energy Lessons to Other OC and Rune the Raccoon giving Green Mana/Energy Lessons to Other OC.
  • Listening to: CHRIS2.MID
  • Reading: 9 Verb PDF
  • Watching: GMS2 Tutorial + Course
  • Playing: Dungeon Keeper (Classic)
  • Eating: FunkO's Cereal
  • Drinking: Juice
40 deviations
Mini Funko POP Huckleberry Hound
I have Mini Huckleberry Hound that come from cereal box.
Nick the Fox
Half Trade for :iconnycollascoser:

For NycollasCoser, Today is your Birthday! I'm going to make Nick the Fox obtained the Diamond Mirror Shield.
Happy Birthday NycollasCoser!

Nick © NycollasCoser
Justin's Genie Lessons
Today birthday gift for :iconjustinanddennis: Solarflare is giving Justin genie lessons.

Justin © JustinandDennis
Solarflare © Makatoons
Fane balancing on a Ball with Danny (Collab)
A Collab with :iconcherryfungi:

Danny balancing on a ball, and Fane is nerve when balancing on a ball.

Danny the Dog © CherryFungi
Fane the Fox © Me


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Mead1992 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wait, are you forgot Genies Rocky and Bullwinkle as art trades for me.
Mccraeiscook2017205 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I'm developing some new one-shot Comics featuring my characters and everyone's favorite Toons,So,anyone will help me make my comics by helping me coming up with some story,ideas,and gags by giving me some, because I cant come up with my own ,Here Are My Comics Ideas that I need help with by Requesting me:
1.My First Brittany comic where Brittany comes home and tells one of her friends the events after having a rough day(Six-Panel),Inspired by the Scene in The Loud House Episode"Shop Girl".
2.My First Calvin:iconmccraeiscook2017205: and Buster Comic that will involve the two sleeping in the bedroom together in twin beds with Looney Tunes/Tex Avery-esque Slapstick involved,,This Six-Panel Comic, I got the inspiration for this story from The 1937 Looney Tunes Cartoon"Porky's Badtime Story" and it's 1944 color remake"Tick Tock Tuckered" as Well as Tex Avery's 1949 MGM Cartoon"Doggone Tired".
3.An Animaniacs Comic Featuring Wakkoavatar Wakko Warner  and Dr. Otto Scratchnsniff going Fishing Together. I got the idea after watching the Bingo episode,because I kinda find Scratchy to be like a helpless,unfortunate father figure to Wakko.
4.A Gravity Falls Comic featuring Dipper and MabelMabel and Dipper: Awkward Sibling Hug Icon 
5.A Comic Featuring Calvin:iconmccraeiscook2017205: and his girlfriend, Mirinda.
6.A Comic Featuring Rocko and Star Butterflyexcited Star Butterfly icon 
7.A Looney Tunes/Tex Avery Esque Comic featuring Calvin:iconmccraeiscook2017205:
8.A Tiny Toons/Looney Tunes Comic that takes place at Acme Loonaversity
and Two Loud House Comics:
9.One Featuring Loud House - Luan approves  and  The Loud House - Lucy Loud Icon 
10.Featuring Lana and Lola Loud on bouncers 
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