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Abduction Chapter 1
*in Fleur de lis' living room*
*Ash and Tempest stared at each other both shocked by each other's appearance Ash was also shocked by the fact that not only was the pony looking after him and his sister the infamous Tempest Shadow she had a set of bat wings too making her even more terrifying*
*when Tempest had accepted this job she knew it would a little difficult but she didn't expect Fleur's son to be a 1/4 dragon*
"Uhm do you wanna watch TV?" Asked Tempest uneasily
"Sure what do you wanna watch?" Said Ash nervously
*Tempest turned on the TV to a news report*
"...and every pony is wondering who is this mysterious black Alicorn" said a reporter
*the news report then showed footage of said Alicorn speaking with Discord*
"Maybe we should change the channel!" Said Tempest
Q*Tempest changes the Channel to Equestrian Heroes Channel*
“He famously stated “if they would rather fear me than love me than fear me they shall”
“Uh… on second thought let's go outside
:iconmakarosc:makarosc 1 12
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Fleur de lis walked through the encampment with a depressed look on her face the Royal Equestrian Army recruiter had spun her a tale of glory, victory, and adventure instead all she had experienced was shame, defeat, and misery the Celestial Empire was losing the war with the Ebonheart Pact, Equestria’s age old rival had been since Caesar gouged Sun Flare’s left eye

Fleur was making her way to her bunk when one of her superiors stopped her

“Staff Sergeant Fleur de lis” he said gruffly

“Sir yes Sir” Flier responded saluting

“At ease Sergeant I think we can overlook the chain of command for now follow me” he said calmly

At which point fleur de lis noticed that the officer like most Stallions in the Empire had a soft voice Fleur de lis followed her superior until they came to the communications room inside the base inside was an opened laptop flanked by two Solar Guards (Celestia's elite troops) they stood in silence for a moment before a video call opened up and on the screen was none other than prince Sun Flare himself

Oh my... I… I… “ Fleur was at a loss for words she rarely even saw the nobility much less the son of Celestia herself

“Fleur de lis right?” Asked the solid white Alicorn

“Uhm… I.. Yes! Yes that's Staff Sergeant Fleur de lis 201st platoon of the Prance territory” said Fleur saluting

“Good now Sergeant it has come to my attention that you wish to become a Solar Guard and you'll be happy to know you several recommendations” Sun explained

“Wait Does this mean I...  “ Fleur was cut off

“Not exactly though that's not you won't be in the near future you see you are here for a special mission for the Crown”

“*gasps* I am honored your Majesty what's my assignment” Fleur said kneeling

“It's Highness…” the prince muttered “any way I sent the mission briefing with Gold brand he'll. . .” Sun was cut off when

“Sun Flare time for dinner” yelled Light Bringer

“In a minute I'm talking to me friends” The prince yelled back

“Chatting with the commoners again you know mom doesn't like when we talk to strangers” the other prince yelled

“Ugh gotta go” Sun flare said and went to his brother “Colonel Steel heart will brief you on your mission”

Two weeks later

Fleur took her seat on the train and started her trip as she departed she decided to take one last look at what she leaving behind because for what was likely to be the rest of the war she would be behind enemy lines deep within the Lesion and the Northern Hoarde

As the bus approached the boarder a Zebra walked down the isle taking everyone's passports naturally the R.E.I.A. had provided her with all the papers she needed they passed in Legion territory without a hitch she got off if in the Legion city of Derkirus in Kurcraine there she would meet her contact Shadow Gold She sat down at a bench and waited

“Miss De Lis?” Asked a black Stallion with gold streaks in his hair

“do you have a cell phone” Fleur asked

“My battery is dead” he replied

“Agent 366 welcome to operation: undesirable” Shadow Gold said

“Let's get started” Fleur and Gold leave the station however unbeknownst to them they are not alone

“Your objective tonight is seduce the Secretary General Moskvin Long-Horn and gain his trust we will use trust to obtain the proof we need to expose the Legion's crimes to the world” explained Shadow Gold

“Just like that no preparation, no plan, no…” Fleur started

“In our line of work the less the details better… Gold paused don't worry it's all under control” he explained

The black pegasus’ words were strangely comforting to he

Later that evening

Club Thunder was a buzz as usual frequented by the elite neon lights flashed and the dance floor was covered by legion youths dancing to dubstep strippers in latex outfits danced on poles overlooking the dance floor was a cigar lounge were many of the older Legionaries smoked Fleur's mark was in his fifties so the lounge was her destination as she entered the upper level a number of men tried to peak at her

“Why did I agree to this Fleur de lis wondered as she sat down at the bar” she thought

“Let me guess coltfriend was a cheat?” Asked the bartender

“Something like that” Fleur said

“And you're getting back at him by sleeping with one of these pasty old fucks any one in particular?” asked the bartender

“Actually yes Moskvin long-horn” Fleur said

“Ouch well he's over there unwinding” said the bartender

Fleur turned to the see disgusting old man slouched in his chair Fleur wanted to just cut and run but eventually her loyalty to Equestria overpowered her disgust and walked over toward him but just as she got close a red mare with a light blue main in a tan suit walked up to him

“Mr. Long-horn the Grand Hortator requests your presence at once” she said and the two swiftly walked Fleur started back to the bar when a second red mare in a suit with a green mane stopped her

“I’m sorry madame but you'll have to come with me” she said

“Oh Shit!” Fleur de lis thought

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“Well it's good to be out of the hospital” said Celestia

Indeed I was beginning to start forwarding my mail there” said Luna

“Well we're home now sort of” said Cadance motioning to the castle reconstruction effort

“Indeed I'm amazed Discord managed to keep Equestria in one piece I guess he really was paying attention during our lessons back in school” Luna said

“Mother the chief architect says he needs to see you” said Nova Star

“Oh yes of course thanks” Nova said Celestia

“Augh *crash*” Blueblood yelled as he landed in front of the two remaining princess

“Alright there little brother?” Asked Cadance

“Hello Cadie how's Shining” Blueblood said lying on the floor

“What's the matter ask Tempest out again or was cousin Ruby this time?” Asked Cadance

“That was one time and as a matter of fact I did ask Fizzle go on a date…. Again”said Blood

We think we know where this is going said Luna we as in Cadance and myself not the Royal we

This time she shot the lightning bolt before I got to her room said Blueblood

Well I'm sure that insulting a mare getting her thrown out a window then pretending to fall in love with her and then trying to kill her is very attractive Bluey said Cadance sarcastically

“Maybe so but if Gregori Rasputin can bed the Tsaress and Justinian can marry Augie surely I can get a date with Tempest Shadow” declared Blueblood triumphant

“Yeah that's what Sunspot and Crater when they went after Kynareth and Dibella”

“What was that about my wives” said Dark Ember rolling in on his segway

“Oh nothing we were just talking about Bluey here's attempt to get Tempest to go on a date with him” Luna explained

“Ha! That's about as ridiculous as when Azura tried to asked Boethiah out on a date! you must be daft as a wee birdie wondering into a Khajiiti pub” said Dark Ember

“Huh?” Asked Blueblood not understanding Scottish slang

“Translation you must be as dumb as a canari in a cat mine” said Luna

“Any who I've gotta go meet with Charon and see if we can't get ahold of Mum” Sithis is still out there Dark drives off

“Auntie Luna we found your toy chest” Yelled Light Bringer

“Are all of my plushies safe!?!!!?!” Yelled Luna

I don't know this one's just full of gimp suits and sex toys yelled Solar Flare

Luna blushed

“He he Not so loudly Solar!!!” Yelled Luna flying toward them

“Well now if you will sister I'm going to go see if Hoity Toity can help me” said Blueblood

“You're going to a gay colt for dating advice for a mare like Tempest” said Cadance

“Well of course a gay stallion know mares better than any pony” said Blueblood

“True but Tempest isn't a regular mare I heard some Legion ponies compare her to Boethiah, No what you need is… * Cadance whispers in his ear*”

Meanwhile in the castle of the two sisters cemetery

“Why are we digging this up again milady? Asked Calico a male Khajiiti Frumentarius

“Because this is where Dark stashed Tempest's reward for saving Ash” explained Kynareth

“Technically Lord Darkest saved Ash himself... because of that damn hypnotist!” Xerene replied

“Speaking of which shouldn't we be hunting her and not grave robbing like some petty “ag” slaves!” Calico complained

“To answer your first question No! Shor has plans for that girl and as far as Celestia knows she's not a serious threat, as for your second question the slaves are all at home trying to make something look like “an accident” and you to needed to be punished for your unruly behavior!... Speaking of which after you're done with that there's somethin’ else I need dug up and rebarried” Kynareth explained


“Found it!” Said Calico looking down at a large coffin

“Well what are you waiting fer pop open the bugger” Kynareth ordered

Without question Calico pried open the coffin with his shovel revealing a large skeleton clad in a black and cobalt suit of armor

“Incredible! how could it still be in such good condition after so many years underground?” Asked Xerene

“It's protected by powerful magic that armor is nigh indestructible” Kynareth explained

“Who was this?” Asked Calico examining the bones

“His name was Rough Skies he was Solar Flare and Light bringer's father, he didn't live to raise them however Azrukhal's rebellion and the in suing 100 day war insured that” said Kynareth

“That was when lost the divine Arkay and were introduced to Charon, that's one Deadlands of an armor we're just giving away” said Xerene

“Oh trust me it'll be well worth it in time” said Kynareth “now retrieve the armor so we can deliver it to Bo…. I mean Fizzlepop Berrytwist by Sithis I hate that name fuckin’ name” explained Kynareth

Later that day in ponyville

“Oh dear you've been such a bad girl haven't you miss Shadow…” Crimson said licking her lips

“Mmmphmhmm” Tempest tried to speak through the gag she was wearing

“Excuses, excuses, like always I think you're developing bad habit…” Crimson said running her finger down Tempest's naked body causing her to moan

“Hmm looks like a punishment is in order miss…” Crimson was cut off when Tempest's phone rang

I AM CANNIBAL!!! The phone blared

“ “purple princess” do you need to take this or should we continue? I won’t charge” Crimson asked

*Tempest motions for the phone, Crimson undos her gag and gives her the phone*

“This had better be good!!! Twilight!!! I'm in the middle of a job interview” Tempest yelled

“In a sex dungeon” Twilight said

“It's an escort job turns out private security doesn't pay all that much” Tempest explained

“Really cause if you're interested I could put in a good word with the…” Crimson started

Tempest gestures no

“Alright then but it's a high base salary” Crimson said

“Well suit yourself, anyway Dark Ember just pulled in he says he's looking for someone to recover something in Maneco he, Rainbow dash and Applejack are “debating” what’s better flying or cars

Twilight's Castle

“It's fuckin’ Red Skull's car!!!! a perfect 5E 40 V16 German hot rod you can't beat that!!!”

“Tell you what how about a race my flying against AJ's running against your Nazi car

“What so you can make up some moral reason for why self reliance is better than one of the most powerful cars ever produced that Celestia will just blindly go along with! yeah I think I'll pass” Dark said Before walking away

“There is no winning with that guy he takes  down both Celestia and Twilight with a single blow but when we want to race he just insults us and walks off” yelled Rainbow dash

“Petty arguments aside there is something I could use your group's “particular” talents for, let's just say that the completion of said task is vital to the Country! Er countries! Empire? Empires! Vital to the empires!!! Dark Ember declared

“Why do we listen to this guy again Twi!?! Doesn't seem a little too nice for a guy who's supposed to be a Fascist!” whispered Rainbow dash

“I was wondering that too darling! Doesn't he seem the least bit creepy especially after what we saw in Iraq and the whole black on black thing is so menacing” Rarity added

“Even worse I invited him to a party!!! last week! and you know what he did!!!! Something so horrible!!!! so unspeakable!!!! So!!!” Pinkie started

“Let me guess Pinkie… he turned you down” Twilight said

“EXACTLY!!!!” Yelled Pinkie pie

“I gonna be honest with you girls despite what happened overseas and what the princesses say about him his actions don't really fit his description to me he seems like a calm and caring if a bit shady kinda pony” explained Twilight

“Ah'm with Twilight on this one most of what he's done so far has been in are favor namely he defeated that demon and saved Equestria” Applejack said

“I heard him say helping animals and altering the weather hurt nature” said Fluttershy

“He what!!!” Exclaimed the other mane 5

“he said that if we shelter the animals too much from nature they won't be able to survive properly without our help and that if we change the weather it will dire ramifications on a global scale” explained Fluttershy

“What!??! You're joking why would an Alicorn say that the harmonizing nature would be a bad thing” asked Twilight Sparkle

“ Maybe one who knows nature isn't harmonious?” Dark asked sarcastically

The mane six turns toward Dark Ember whom was leaning on his cane and smoking a Cigar

“I think it's cute how you all think I can't hear you from five feet away despite being deaf in mah left ear, but my poor health aside my offer still stands and if you do decide to except I'd recommend contacting Daring Do or A.K. Yearling if that's even a real fucking name in the backward nation as it is archeological in nature, any way you know where to find me, ciao” Dark said departing

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5E 109 3 months after the Storm King’s defeat Celestia's “special” dungeon

“Wha… what's going on where am I”asked Tempest looking around

She appeared to in some sort of latex padded cell but Tempest couldn't see an exit she began to suspect had been kidnapped but then…

“Ah you're awake excellent the process can began” said Celestia over an intercom

“Princess? What process? why am I in here?” Tempest asked becoming more frightened

“Oh I suppose you can think of this as your reward for the death of the storm king” explained Celestia

“Ok I guess that makes sense but why am I in a padded cell” asked Tempest

“Why safety of course we can't have you getting all upset and blasting lightning everywhere now could we” Celestia explained

“Why would I get upset if I'm being rewarded?” Tempest asked anxiously

“It is recommended that you strip down for the procedure though it's not required” Celestia explained

“But you didn't…” Tempest started

“Clothes. Off. Now. Underwear too completely naked I won't ask again” Celestia clearly meaning business

Tempest deciding not to question her de facto ruler tossed off her jacket, shirt, and jeans stripping down to her underwear revealing her toned abs and biceps

“Princess what kind of a reward am I receiving?”

“Oh believe me I find it very enjoyable now off with those undies” Celestia said

“OK then” said Tempest removing her underwear revealing her size C breasts and her vagina

“This is getting uncomfortable princess” Tempest said now nude

A hole in the ceiling then opened up and a harness connected to a cable dropped down

“Just slip that on and the procedure can begin” Celestia commanded

“What procedure!?!? Celestia! You're freaking me out! Is this some kind of sex thing!?! Because I…” Tempest started

“Am a Virgin” Said Celestia finishing Tempest's sentence

“What!?! Am not I…” Tempest was shocked by Celestia's knowledge of her life as she had never told anyone about missing her coming of age ceremony 12 years ago

“I suppose you could think of this as your coming of age ceremony now put on the harness Celestia commanded

Tempest quickly slipped on the harness and quickly hoisted out of the cell and into a large room Tempest looked around to see Celestia at a console overlooking and large pool of boiling gold liquid the harness then shifted her over the liquid

“Uh Princess what is… Aaaaaaaah” Tempest screamed as she was lowered into the golden liquid

“Tsk tsk tsk you thought your crimes would go unpunished hmm as if my brother thought the same thing too when he and Fluttershy got together that viper thinks she can steal my badboy well I stole him back” Celestia ranted “anyway you should be in their for a good 8 hours so get comfortable

8 hours later

The gilding process was long and painful and Tempest was terrified the entire time but now it was time for Celestia to see how her newest statue turned out

The harness hoisted Tempest's gilded body out of the vat, now petrified in gold Celestia spoke to Tempest telepathically

“Oh you're even more beautiful than I could've imagined you'll be a fine addition to my collection” Celestia said

“Oh Faust! Princess what have you done to me!”. Tempest mentally cried

“So you get to turn me, my sister, my nice, and my pupil into a statues but when I return the favor you get all pouty! Hmph move her to the golden garden put her with the other delinquents” Celestia said and the guards lifted up the petrified  mare carried her to the garden

At the Gilded Garden

The “Garden” seemed to be filled with a large number of gold statues all nude and some in lewd positions Tempest carried over to small group of bizarre statues two of whom looked like demons another Tempest recognized as a Changeling and the last one looked like a large pony

“Delinquents this is your new friend Tempest Shadow be Nice!” Celestia declared

“Please let me go?” Discord sobbed mentally

“You'll regret this!” Tirek yelled mentally

“Fuck you cunt” Chrysalis snickered mentally

“so nasty!” Sombra muttered mentally

“awh I guess the deliquescents are a little feisty don't worry we'll fix that later… Ta Ta” said Celestia

“Oh no what she going to do with me? I've got to get out of here!” Tempest thought

To be Continued
Note:in the canon of my fics Tempest's body is actually covered in scars and her right breast is disfigured because of that and her tragic back story she is not of sound mind even after six years in Equestria

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5E 131 11th of First seed

Tempest sat calmly at her desk going through various historical texts on her computer editing or removing any information unsuitable for society it was not an easy job many pre Societal revolution texts were full of seditious materials but nevertheless Tempest a loyal citizen and archivist dutifully removed them all

“History of the Storm Empire” Tempest read aloud “that sounds familiar ahh...”

Tempest stroked her head as it ached from a repressed memory she quickly grabbed a pill bottle sitting on her desk a took a pill easing her headache

“Ahh that's better good old Sedatium... guess I should terminate this tome” said Tempest as she hit the delete button on her keyboard

“Why didn't my watch go off when my medication wore off” Tempest thought looking down at her watch

It was the standard model digital jet black with red number like all other watches it was programed to beep when her medication wore off and informed her of any biological needs she required it also acted as a tracking device and could inform her of any new laws an excellent device

“Ms. Shadow the Empress has just informed me you are to have the rest of the day off ” said Sunset Shimmer another Royal archivist

“Oh why thank you Ms. Shimmer just let me get my hat Tempest grabbed her lavender fedora from a nearby rack and put it on

Tempest swiped her Citizen ID card in order to leave the building all ponies and other converted creatures had one you could daresay you couldn't survive in this society without one

Tempest trotted down the street admiring the 1984 esk architecture the Empress had adopted all jet black and emblazoned with the eye and gear in bright red camera drones patrolled the streets keeping “crime” at bay When she reached her car she simply scanned her car and opened the door her was a custom made dark blue lamborghini a gift the Empress got her last year another one of her failed attempts to win over Pandora but that was an issue for another day Tempest drove through the city admiring more of the city called home on the way there she drove by the local school where children were out playing all clad in their spring uniforms a blazer latex suit with a sailor fuku scarf and on Phillies a skirt nothing out of the ordinary but this time something in the back of her head bothered her

“I am getting some serious Déjà Vu today” Tempest thought to herself

Tempest arrived at her apartment building and swiped her card she then made her way to her  apartment and swiped her card again entering her apartment

Tempest apartment was about as luxurious as her car a sixty-five inch flat screen a queen sized bed and a hot tub Tempest had it good and she enjoyed it after locking the door behind her she quickly removed her uniform, a lavender skirt suit with a pair burgundy heels underneath she wore a latex suit with a chastity belt the legally required undergarment Tempest then went to the  sustenance dispenser and grabbed a soda and some meal paste she then laid down on her latex clad couch and turned on the TV

“... And now that the treaty is signed Neighpan and Horsea are officially part of the S.C.O.U.T. Union ” the propagandist declared

Tempest smiled now the changelings could finally enjoy the benefits of the Social Conformists Of Utilitarian Totalitarianism Union just like Ponies, Zebras, and Dragons already did

“Is there anything the Empress can't do?” Tempest asked aloud

Flashback 15 years ago to the day

“I'm sorry ma'am but there's nothing we can do” said a doctor

“*sobs* No no *sobs* I've only had him five months my only son…” Tempest sobbed

Later that day

“I can save him... for a price” said Sombra

“I'll do anything to save him”

End Flashback

Tempest finished her soda then downed another sedatium pill Tempest then felt the need to go to the bathroom however her watch didn't beep meaning she could not go to the bathroom as unless her watch said she needed to “go” she couldn't “go” Tempest waited for several minutes her bladder becoming more unbearable

“Come on beep already!” Tempest said tensing up

Finally Tempest decided to just go she walked to the bathroom and swiped her ID card and attempted open the door

“Error citizen does not require facilities” the door

Tempest swiped the card again and was denied sheet tried again repeatedly

“Come on it's an emergency” Tempest finally decided to just F*ck it and kick the door in

She then ran over to the toilet and attempted to remove her chastity belt and consequently her suit until

“Unauthorized soiling of state mandated apparel citizen please report to the nearest doctor immediately”

“Oh no” Tempest said her face turning bright red

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