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New TF2 comic is out!  Inks by me :B!  Colors by Andrea Wicklund, artist of the Rat Man comic (the crazy beardy rat man part of it, anyway!).
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Brilliant work! Can't wait to see where they go with this (especially if that's meet the medic playing in the background of the final edit).
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The administrator reminds me a lot of Cruella DeVil or however you spell her name. Verreh nice drawing :D
Repto's avatar
Your Heavy is ridiculously sexy.

VendettaPom's avatar
Your comic is awesome, my friend! I love the Director's new suit btw.
Solocell's avatar
wow, that looks awesome. some really good workthere. i was happy seeing that^^
bensen-daniel's avatar
Hilarious and beautiful.
Daenerys240's avatar
I knew that looked familiar!

Me reading comic:"This reminds me an awful lot of Makani's style..."

Me checking my inbox and finding this:"Oh shit! Nice!"
Wow, that was fantastic! XD
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Wow, you're the one who did that? Nice work!
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this was so awesome....oh mi gaaaaaawd.
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congrats man ^__^ very nice job
Joyrok-MJ's avatar
Teehee makes me want to go airshotting and make an epic fail movie. Love TF2
TofusaurButt's avatar
YOU ARE AMAZIN!!!! *flips desk*
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This is fantastic. You did a wonderful job on the comic and on the TF2 characters, even your announcer character. Congrats on getting her in the story and on the comic.
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That was adorable and awesome. I love how you cartoon/stylize expressions!
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Outstanding work, as always. You guys never fail to impress me.
RyouConcord's avatar
YES! YES! Fantastic work!
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This is the first update comic I've ever read the day it came out!

The art is absolutely incredible!
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Dude this thing made my day. Just sayin'.
SaucyPlebeian's avatar
I love your work soooo much! The perspectives in the comic are awesome to look at. I absolutely love that drawing of the soldier with his back to the panel! Do you work for valve or was it just a commission, or something?
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i'm a contract artist
timeywimeyblurr's avatar
This is so much awesome.
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that was awesome
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