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I've poked about a bit on people's reactions and theories etc. on things hinted at (and not hinted at) in the latest comic, and I have to say it's been thoroughly entertaining.  If you imagined me wearing a slightly evil smile on the previous sentence you would not be completely incorrect.

Overall the community's concluded most everything right about who the characters in Blu's 1850 team were meant to reference (and in Pyro's case, who they were, literally) as per instructed by the writers.  
The only ones I had mostly free reign with were Medic and Soldier, who were simply instructed to be a Civil War era field medic and infantryman.  Apparently they've been pinned as Stonewall Jackson and Sigmund Freud- in the wiki at least. Perfectly fine analogues, though just because I find it amusing I'm going to point out that those references give my creative process too much credit, as the main inspirations for 1850s soldier were our current soldier and probably Colonel Sanders, and for medic I think it was pretty much Star Trek Voyager's Doctor with glasses and a beard.  I say "I think" because I really wasn't actively thinking that much about it at the time, other than getting it done haha) Demo was another one with a fairly loose description, but really, should a crazy prospector really look like anything other than a spindly old coot with a crazy beard?  No, no he should not.

Oh and just fyi, I'm also planning on fixing up the image again for wallpaper size.  huttah!
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where's the wallpaper?