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Unhappy Returns

Enjoy! :D

First issue of a [projected] 6 part comic series about the events following Mann vs. Machine!  Starring EVERYONE eventually : ))) Check it out!
I got to draw two comics for Mann vs. Machine! :)

Blood Brothers

A Fate Worse than Chess

Colors by Nick Filardi, Saxton cover by Jim Murray!
Somewhat late notice, but there are 3 days left on the Art contest for Loc!  Draw your own redesign of the faerie queen :D

Some pretty sweet prize monies, check it out!
A few months back I got to contribute some work to Loc, a mobile puzzle game from Birnam Wood Games.  They were great to work with, and the game is just about out the door.  Please check out their kickstarter page, and help support a great little indie game developer!  Like it says, I'll be working on some special arts for the top contributors! :D
Dear ArenaNet

if enough people read my journal can I count as press?


mainly just updating to get something new up

I'm taking some art classes/self teaching things this semester, feels good to be learning again.
Uhh, I dunno what's going on over there but I am not "dragonasphodel" or whatever

My SN is DustAsh124, and I haven't gotten in to Pottermore yet because I dunno I'm paying for some past sin or something
Truly, one of my best masterpieces.
Felt like giving a shout out to one of my first favorite webcomics, The Zombie Hunters, by Ashwings.  Great little post apocalyptic zombie (SPOILER IT HAS ZOMBIES :U) filled universe. It began a bit before this whole current huge zombie fad cropped up, and as far as I understand, started as a little comic for the author's friends, which turned in to full blown webcomic.  

Since it sounds like the author has fallen on a bit of hard times recently, thought I'd just point everyone in the direction of some sweet zombie carnage (and pretty nice swag too).  Moar comics pl0x :heart:
New TF2 comic is out!  Inks by me :B!  Colors by Andrea Wicklund, artist of the Rat Man comic (the crazy beardy rat man part of it, anyway!).
Yo dudes, my friend KaleiC is doing some super cheap commissions.  $5 pencil and $15 (awesome) inks.  BONUS POINTS FOR COMMISSIONING ANYTHING FROM BATMAN BATB OR BOOSTERGOLD AND/OR BLUE BEETLE because she is obsessed with that right now just saying.
I've poked about a bit on people's reactions and theories etc. on things hinted at (and not hinted at) in the latest comic, and I have to say it's been thoroughly entertaining.  If you imagined me wearing a slightly evil smile on the previous sentence you would not be completely incorrect.

Overall the community's concluded most everything right about who the characters in Blu's 1850 team were meant to reference (and in Pyro's case, who they were, literally) as per instructed by the writers.  
The only ones I had mostly free reign with were Medic and Soldier, who were simply instructed to be a Civil War era field medic and infantryman.  Apparently they've been pinned as Stonewall Jackson and Sigmund Freud- in the wiki at least. Perfectly fine analogues, though just because I find it amusing I'm going to point out that those references give my creative process too much credit, as the main inspirations for 1850s soldier were our current soldier and probably Colonel Sanders, and for medic I think it was pretty much Star Trek Voyager's Doctor with glasses and a beard.  I say "I think" because I really wasn't actively thinking that much about it at the time, other than getting it done haha) Demo was another one with a fairly loose description, but really, should a crazy prospector really look like anything other than a spindly old coot with a crazy beard?  No, no he should not.

Oh and just fyi, I'm also planning on fixing up the image again for wallpaper size.  huttah!
what I've been working on for the past few weeks :)  

I got to bug the writers and everyone in person for the last 2 weeks, it was great.  They got one of DC's colorists Nick Filardi to do the colors, and well you can see how that turned out!! Freaking awesome

Hope everyone enjoys!!
Fancy that, I feel a lot more like drawing now, haha.  


OH, also, is there anyone that would be interested in buying some of my original sketches?  Bri-chan mentioned this to me, and considering I'm not really attached to my art, and the paper is taking up space, I would be willing to part with a lot of it!  Granted, I don't exactly keep my sketches in the best condition >_> Like the edges are folded and some are kinna crinkled on the side and what not.. I just draw on computer paper lol.  I don't really buy art so I'm not sure what people expect.  I was just wondering if anyone would be interested if I put some up for sale in the distant future?  And if so, if there's any one in particular that I've posted that you'd be interested in.
Commission status: Closed…

thanks for any help, sorry to be lame guys.

Devious Journal Entry

Thu Apr 1, 2010, 10:09 PM
Commission status: Closed

lmao, awesome April Fools DA xD


Wed Jan 13, 2010, 3:58 PM
Commission status: Closed


Sat Dec 12, 2009, 7:54 PM
Commission status: Closed

I have spent many hours of my life with two different men.  Both are great at their jobs and deserve the best in the future, but the time has come to make a choice.  With a heavy heart, I have made that decision.