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you win

because uh i'm not cool enough to draw real glados so here's my creepy skinny lady one instead
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This is amazing! I love Portal! :D
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This is so cool!
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I don't even play sorta; but this is pretty neat famI am a dummy! 
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omg I love this GLaDOS
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Tha.actually.looks.really.good!!! The artstyle and use of colours is just perfect. :clap:
C4bl3Fl4m3's avatar
Whenever I envision GLaDOS as a humanoid, this depiction is how I always do it. Well done.
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I love how smooth and clean the lines and the colors are.  It really gives off that danger zone vibe. :)

Excellent job.
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I love this version of GLaDOS.  Great work!
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Do you know how much I love your redesign of GLaDOS? I think the design inspired me to make some of my own.
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Would it be okay for me to make a 3D model of you glados design?
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I love Chell's "I don't freaking believe you" expression

Very nice job ^^
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don't undersell creepy skinny lady glados, its awesome
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Chell: "I already won." :iconbitchpleaseplz:

Actually, I really like fans' interpretations of android GLaDOS, and yours is no exception =P
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wow, I love this, nice job! :D
I love this. I'm trying to get back into drawing but all I see in my head are robots and lots and lots of cords and tubes. This is great inspiration!
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I love the way you draw people <3
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Glados looks so aristocratic and authoritative in this.
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she inspires a sort of strict and cruel head mistress feel to her....awesome
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I like your version ;) but you're missing the things on the main character's feet
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