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well you found me

A human GLaDOS lolol. Felt like drawing my own version because I was disturbed by all the loli GLaDOS humans :|. Oh and because of all the adorable human Wall-E characters that people have been doing :].

The background is the laziest, crappiest thing ever I know. I just like her face. And haha I did some more sketches here.

Glados is (c) Valve, textures from *hibbary
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I searched Wall-e and this is what I find!?!?
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As GlaDOS would say, "That was genuinely mildly impressive."
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I played Portal 2 first because I tried Portal but didn't like it. When I looked at GLaDOS from Portal, I WAS VERY DISTURBED.
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This is really cool. Really haunting and a bit unsettling but in a good way. It draws you in and her calm face with those piercing eyes is actually really intense. Also I love the texture and face shape.
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Would you say that you're among the first to depict her with that hairstyle?
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This is so cool. I love her pose and you are so clever to put the cake in the background. Great quote also. I love the mood!! : )
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this remindes me of this i mean its almost looking at a mirror
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Definitely the coolest human GLaDOS I've seen.
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I just had to come back to this image and tell you how you should so be credited for designing the best human GLaDOS and how lame it is that basically everyone draws YOUR GLaDOS these days without crediting you. Before this, they WERE all lolis. So unfair! Makani GLaDOS forever!! <3
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Reminds me of Frollo from the hunchback of notre dame for some reason. xD
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Nice job! :) I like that she's not all "kawii" and stuff. Best human version of her ever.
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I think I like your human GLaDOS design the most, out of all the ones I've seen. Other people try to make her seductive or "kawaii", but this is spot on... exactly how I imagine her. Sharp, perhaps a bit older, very "refined".
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''Well you found me, congratulations, was it worth it? Despite your violent behavior, the only thing you've managed to break so far, is my heart.''

Lol, I can so imagine this happening. :D
I like it, looks like shes got retro 3D vision with the blue and red eyes.
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I would be creeped out if I saw this at the end of that hall o.o
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This looks just like her to me. Amazing job on design and her expression.
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and after she get Cell away she make 101 dalmatins in to a fancy coat
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Good God! I was thinking the same!

"Cruella De Vil!..Cruella De Vil!..If she doesn't scare you, no other thing will!"
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I love it! so realistic! yay
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I think this is probably the best humanisation for GLaDOS, because I can actually see this being her rather, like you said, the creepy Loli characters. She looks like she would have a funny side to her, but she's also not above snapping your neck if she feels like it. Ahh the whims of computers with some strange form of complex.
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I really like your version of her. :) Suits her well!
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