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the malfoys' valentine's day

May your v-day be better than theirs lol.

I like to think that the dementors of Azkaban have been replaced by cheerfully sadistic fat guys, like Newman from Seinfield. Just to keep things interesting. Fortunately, canon has already provided Narcissa with an amusing annoyance x).
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Narcissa: Bella, you're my sister, but for Merlin's sake: Please. Shut. Up.

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I think you meant Valentine's Day 1997, because the 14th February 1996 was before Lucius was in Azkaban
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I love how Lucius is just like
"I'm going to die in a building full of sadists. Great."
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OMG , can't explain how much I love this rigth now Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2]The humor in your pics is sooo so amazing
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What goes around comes around!
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'Festive gruel'
Oh my god.
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So sad... damn the Ministry of Magic. >-< 
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Narcissa: Bell........ Shut up. I can't be arsed listening to your nonsense.

Lucius: FML
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Well at least they tried decorating it
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her husband in azkaban, her sister in house,...poor narcissa, how much things she had to stand
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Love it, lol.
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Poor Cissy and Lucy! Sooo many feels. *cry*
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Love Cissy, she who acts dignified yet drinks straight from the bottle.
Oh joy festive greul Looks like he will puke
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Lovely off-the-shoulder top, Mr Malfoy. Very stylish. Love the charcoal striping. XD
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T_T Lucius noooooo~
Oh lawd Bella why you make me laugh so much?
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If I were Lucius, I'd consider suicide.

If I were Narcissa, I'd already have cast Avada Kedavra at a mirror.
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Awww, poor Cissy. (And Lucius, but I don't care about Lucius as much.)
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Gods. Narcissa's lip. Best part of this pure awesomeness.
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