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snape spies

By makani
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Younger snape, overhearing Trelawney and Dumbledore in the Hogs Head D:
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I love this. :D
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Oooh! This is exactly as I imagine him! Wonderful.
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Quite how I imagined it. Nice job!
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I wonder how he looks when he's spying on Ms. Evans... XD
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1234 favourites. cool number :p
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that is incredibly awesome.
murr-ma-ing's avatar
And again, I'm astounded.
Potter-RocksMySocks's avatar
God I love this!! :love:
Sev you are looking a little smug... If only you knew you where about to destroy your life.
KinYuNe's avatar
YOU, sir. are not a ninja.

believe it or not, mr. severus, you'rE A WIZARD HARR--oop. *shuts up now*
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I LOVE THIS PIC! His expression is perfect, the way you draw him is perfect, I love the details from the door to his socks! You are so amazing! I bow before your talent! BOW I SAY!

Lol, I just wanna sneak up behind him and whisper "boo!"
Cap-a-Pie's avatar
Noooooo! Don't listen, Snape! Noooooes!:XD:
Cuffermix's avatar
He's a cutey-patootie. XD
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Awesome! If there would be a HP cartoon tv show, it must look like this ^^
Cap-a-Pie's avatar
That would be so cool!:excited:
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Young Snape :heart:
ClopinKingOfGypsies's avatar
Do you mind if I colour this?
mintorah's avatar
Hahaha he's so cute here, you draw him well! :) :heart:
ClopinKingOfGypsies's avatar
holy crap... can I colour this?
lenoremarcus's avatar
He looks so cute. I love his expression! Squeee!!!
better-pathos's avatar
i love how you draw snape <3
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ServerusSnape is watching you masturbate.
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super lawl. :'D
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