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nerds making out

By makani
sorry this is all i have to offer in terms of valentines-ish pics lol

stop that dont you know half life is about zombie goasts and wepon :I
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Ohmygosh my hearttttt!! I love themmmm <33
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This is really well drawn and has a beautiful atmosphere. I really like this and if I had played Half Life I think I would experience critical mental damage right now. :squee:
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Ugh this is the cutest pic evar
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This is amazing!
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I am pretty sure this made my day :D
redlikeroses42's avatar
finally! it took them long enough :)
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I think that Alyx is not a nerd...

Nice job!
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I first found this on google. I used it as reference for this [link]
I hope that was okay, I already gave credits C:
Rinie-Fan-oof-Wakfu's avatar
Am i shipping them ?
i guess yes.
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omg this is AMAZINGGGGG
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very well done!
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make a really very great. ^^
I like.
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I always wished to see that! Gordon showing.. emotions, precisely love for her! Everything implies on it in game.. but it never happens :(

love this piece, so romantically nerdy :>
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Oh wow I love this.
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I Love Them <3<3<3 I'm too sentimental it isn't?
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Squeeity-squee. *Flaility-flail*

This is so awesome. Now to search your archives for more Freeman fabulosity.
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is it weird that looks like an older version of me and my boyfriend?

Great Pic though :heart: !!!
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she has a goatee also
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