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ms. pauling

home from work i guess
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Ladies and gentlemen, best girl Worship Clap 
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She's so cute!!!! But is she lesbian? I have been waiting on a confirmation from you for so loooong!
PyroandScout's avatar
Well, this is precious :)  
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Not pictured: all her Dungeons and Dragons manuals and dice.
Jabbersart's avatar
haircuts and guns haha. very fitting, god you draw her beautifully
kokorocala's avatar
the heels are off, the magazine is open, those fuckers better not call me again
doodleartsalot's avatar
this is really cute! 
iWantcoal's avatar
Scout is having an erection right now
BenRG's avatar
Love the title of the magazine! :D
mrsratbag's avatar
What a cutie! :heart: I like the the coloring and the relaxed atmosphere, and omfg Miss Pauling is a babe! ^_^

FaustindeRavignan's avatar
Really good drawing!
fandomfan's avatar
Love the expression on her face, and the magazine. I'm a sucker for funny little details in pieces.
NicoleVanessa's avatar
nice style ! looks just like me reading !

check out my gallery :squee:
Ofidian's avatar
Hnngh…from where did all these feelings for Ms. Pauling come? Pieces like this only fuel the flames!
sliferbenten's avatar
miss pauling. she and scout's mom - FTW!
Rythmear's avatar
<3 <3 <3 She's so... dreamy... <3 <3 <3
:iconscoutplz: :iconsaysplz: Yo Miss Pauling! Have you seen me with my shirt off? Cause it is AWESOME!
Comedic44's avatar
Would this happen to be a joke in regard to the "mens haircuts and guns" magazine that was in the soldier's room in the "WAR" comic?

Just curious... (great drawing by the way!)


Mataata's avatar
Heheh, the magazine she's reading is mentioned in the most recent blog post! I'm glad theTF2 team keeps track of your stuff other than the comics and whatever.
Scrawling-Chaos's avatar
I want to subscribe to that magazine :I
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Miss Pauling looks so cute here!
surrealistdreamer's avatar
I love Ms. Pauling. She's so cute!
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