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mission begins in five

a design for the TF2 annoucer? lol idk. Her suit isn't split I just wanted to show both teams' at once.

Team Fortress 2 is Valve's.

I guess it was kind of fun remembering how to color/somehwat shade with a mouse. I STILL MISS MY TABLET THOUGH man I think it's been over 10 days I'm supposed to have heard something by now 8C. JUST REPAIR MY TABLET WACOM :<

bitch moan complain

EDIT: Other sketches
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And then it became the official design.

This just shows that the Team Fortress 2 community is great and that Valve learns from it

Wow. You did that with a mouse? How you do that?

What programs you used for it to still be so good?

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It’s surprising how one of the most iconic characters from tf2 wasn’t even originally made by valve but instead bought from you
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She looks like Hilary Clinton
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da soot iz perpal not reed an bloo
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This is the design that the Administrator in the comics was based on. Valve saw this design and bought it from Makani. Without this design, the Administrator/Announcer as we know her would not exist.

Just look at the date. This was posted in 2008, and the first appearance of the Administrator in the comics was in 2009.

Also, you write like an idiot.
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You only just found this and it was made like what?? A year ago or so?
Anyways I was making fun of people pointing out pointless shit.
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Looks like Valve ended up using this design!
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Reminds me of a politician.
Great work!
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If only they were that cool-looking.
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this is the most known paint of the Announcer.
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So true!! Love it!!
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Nice sketch. Favorited
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That's while there are no female mercenaries: it's the women that really run the show.
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I think she should have had a purple suit, but that is just me.
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Yeah! Because Red + Blue = Purple! So it would make sense 
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The ligermagic links are broken. Anyone have a mirror?
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That's exactly how I pictured her lol. Amazing workNod 
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Congrats on your promotion!
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She looks so disappointed... which is fitting, given how much she's like "Do NOT fail me AGAIN". Congrats on getting promoted from fangirl to official artist!
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