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meet the director 10

my lineart from Meet the Director
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kokorocala's avatar
She is a dangerous woman, and you show that no doubt. nice legs!
MoonlightTheWolf's avatar
I love you way too much.....your work is spectacular!!!
Merrydaze's avatar
ohh how I admire you!
stabkamay's avatar
so... you are one of the comic artist from the tf2 comics? ...
Astral-Muffin's avatar
Holy crap you did this???!!!
It has always been the TF comic I like the best

I wish I would have found it when I was sculpting her -.-" colors where beautiful but this was more practical as a concept
ScorpioScales's avatar
*bows before you in worship*
Rinkusu001's avatar
HOLY SWEET.... I saw this comic in a huge graphic novel collection at Barnes & Noble!!! I loved it! Well done! :clap:
mayaelyn's avatar
did you also color it ?
Quanyails's avatar
Andrea Wicklund colored it.
shiromori's avatar
I was wondering where I recognized your style from and then I found this! Great comic
DoctorOverlord's avatar
I had not seen that Meet The Director comic before! Thank you for the link!

And I really like the picture. I think she would get along with the mother from the TV show Archer :)
Calucifer13's avatar
Reminds me of that Sharon Stone scene
TLeeHelen's avatar
Dear, you are a very good artist. This is one of their best comics, and you are able to touch on the era very well in your drawings. I even use the administrator as my avatar in steam and such, she's such a good character. I wish you the best!
Karina-Riddle's avatar
You draw it?!?!?!! : O
Mobius13acon's avatar
most defenatly awesome
Sylphestria's avatar
AHHHHHHH i read this earlier and was all "...the artstyle looks familiar" and then i came on HERE and only just realised you drew it. ugh i fail.

...but anyways. i love it. :)
sengawolf's avatar
Wow...I think this is my favorote comic on the tf2 website. The line art is amazing and the coloring...dang, that style. It's great. I don't even really know how to describe it. It's just attractive to the eye, I guess. Maybe it's the sketchy-and-shiny-at-once look. Either way, great comic.
I noticed it said "to be continued..." Is this comic actually going to be continued? Because I would love it SOOO much if it were...
Eyestrain's avatar
This was great fun to read with all the parts together. The comic looks amazing. Valve is paying you for this, right? They'd be nuts not to make use of your great talent and skill!
one-screw-loose's avatar
she's teems with pwnsomeness you can just see it
rufftoon's avatar
Only commenting on the last one, but all the pages are top notch. Some great layouts, wonderful acting and expressions as always. The final look is pretty awesome too, having seen the color pages. Great great work, bravo!Thanks for posting these pages here.
makani's avatar
thanks!! Dude I need to go stare at water tribe some more, i haven't in a while and i need to osmosis some awesome.
rufftoon's avatar
Don't stare at it too much- you'll start seeing all the mistakes!
MyDearDream's avatar
soooo... the end result... whats uh... whats with all the Medics? hmmmmmmmmmm?
Buuya's avatar
I love her, I love this. That's about it.
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