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meet the director 09

my lineart from Meet the Director
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Love the line quality and the composition. I wanna read that comic!
I love what it says on the bag.
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The lineart is tremendous, but it's a little confusing what order to read the top four panels in. But absolutely killer line control, poses, sense of motion...I love it!
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It was a lot of fun seeing this side of Pauling in this comic. I love how cute you draw her, it makes the character, I think.
zazz96's avatar
I love how she carries the huge-ass cell phone and oh-so-casually loads a gun.
Man, I just realized I can read this entire page even without words. It's that well-drawn, Makani! YOU MUST BE THE GOD OF POSING.
happydoodle's avatar
So good!! The comic is amazing!!!
TheByn's avatar
Always love your line work. Awesome job!
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I loved Miss Pauling on this page she was to adorable and badass all at the same time :D
Zoroko's avatar
she is so chill about it- so great <3
Sayael's avatar
You did a great job on that =) I enjoyed reading it
UntitledSpy's avatar
This is a really good page. You've lead it well.
MrSeyker's avatar
She's suddenly BADASS. And sexy :P
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Wow, Pauline can get her hands dirty! Who'd a thought?
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