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meet the director 08

my lineart from Meet the Director

PFFFF the last panel of this I was like "eh.. you can cut that one out" but Andrea made it look great haha
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Yol3's avatar
Amazing work :D
K8r-t0t's avatar
I am in love with all of your linework. But I can't find who did the colors!
MikotoNui's avatar
I wonder, if that panel wasn't cut off, what would Spy say in that part?
FeatherNotes's avatar
oh god i loved this comic the most!
the style was just spot in, and the humour was great.
very inspiring : )
Eyestrain's avatar
Love that cut into the screen as the blood runs down. Great choice.
matrixie's avatar
You are a legend!
LittleMeesh's avatar
Your line work is just so delightful, Makani, I can never get enough of it.

Wish I had more to say, but, I'll leave it at "HERP DERP I LOVE THE WHOLE TF2 COMIC :B"
Phobs's avatar
OMG,thank you so's like sex for eyes.....
Calick's avatar
Those TVs from last panel bust have been a nightmare to do :O
makani's avatar
nope, just get rounded rectangle line tool in photoshop, spam it, then transform perspective. done lol
Quanyails's avatar
Oh, my, deleted frame. Thanks for inciting my curiosity. :)
UntitledSpy's avatar
Nice facial damage, I like what you've done with the blood. Poor dude tied to the chair. (Is that the medic attached to the chair?) Can't remember seeing him in the group shot.
makani's avatar
? it's the chest tv guy messenger strapped to the chair
Icanseestuffandstuff's avatar
Chest T.V.'s are expensive.
Citrus-Owl's avatar
Awk, the spy panel was cut from the final comic. D: I wonder what he had to say though.
makani's avatar
I think he said all he needed to say in the first panel of the other page he's in. Better to just cut to her response :)
IronBloodAika's avatar
Aw, they got blood all over that nice tv.
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