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mass effectz dump

playing through ME2 again and ME3 few weeks ago got me out of a long rut of not really drawing anything for fun..

top left is the non-human members of the crew as humans:
garrus, wrex, grunt, liara, samara
thane, mordin, tali, javik, legion, edi
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i want to draw like you someday Hibiya Amamiya-01 (Shy Blush) [V2] 
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Mass Effect La la la la Heart Heart Heart 
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I laughed so hard at the male edi, I almost dropped my laptop
Pweada's avatar
Youre too good! I really want to learn your style!
Gregorczuk's avatar
Mordin looks so CUTEEEE!!!
And I love ur Thane Human version :D
MallonIllustration's avatar
Love your take on the Quarians.
Reylf's avatar
Edi and Joker <3
GhostGlider's avatar
Petition to make this what quarians actually look like!
Fwa-tair's avatar
I JUST barely started this series and holy mother of bulbous bootied barnacles it is amazing.
Senram's avatar
Particularly love Joker's reaction to male EDI, trollface Javik's Family Guy reference, and Reaper Shep trying out her new sound effects! :D
Wow Javik is so condescending. Love it!
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i like the human versions of non- humans. but I always pictured than to look more like Leon the Professional. haha
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Trolling. :iconawesomejavikplz: Javik is trolling again :icontrollfaceplz:
kyuubifoxlova1994's avatar
Is that reaper-Shepard? If so, that is amazing, and I also came to that conclusion as a post-blue ending. Omg, that's a fanfic that needs to be written.
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It really a great collection of how to bring concepts to life, the ideas and charachters are rich. love it!
I like human legion...
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Holy crap I think my brain exploded looking at ME art! Not only have I been in love with your art since I was in highschool but now fanart from my favorite gameee! It's like christmas!
moonlight-paintbrush's avatar
KJSakjsgajhga human!Mordin is freaking adorable
coolbyproxy's avatar
oh man I <3 human garrus & samara. this is great!
shoulderfriends's avatar
haha! Joker is so awkward!
Disfavourable's avatar
This is amazing. All of this. Thank you.
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Haha, Javik!! Hilarious sketches!
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