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luna is weird

By makani
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..well she is. dood, i totally know a guy version of luna. he says all this crazy stuff and laughs so hard at the most random things and everyone else thinks he's weird too. ha, i make fun of him xD friend-like tho..well he's my brother's friend, i'm supposed to pick on him. yeah...he's a fun guy.

HA i totally know NOTHING about horse bones xD. no. clue. and luna should prolly be smaller. and i don't care about my crappy sketch-cleaning skillzes!!! xp

edit: :roll: ok, i know horse's structure like how they move and what they normally look like with all their normal muscles..but thesrals are like skin and bones basically. I know the structure, just not their skeleton. if that makes any sense. :p ..nevermiiiind

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*Luna's ripping through the sky on a skeletal death-horse*

Luna: Mm, I wonder what's for tea...

XD great pic!
I'm so glad to see that someone else besides me felt that the thestrals should have a mane of some sort :)
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LOL i love it! :boogie:
i could be Luna's sister easily. :XD:
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Hahahaha, yes she is :P She's wonderful though ^.^ Love her expression in this!
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omg her expression is just YES.
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She is defiantly my favorite character. :nod:
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Love the sketchyness of this picture. The legs should probably be a little bit longer, but I could be wrong. Anyways this is still a very awesome picture. :)
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Luna is Awsome! I love the expression on her face lol =] A total fave+
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i like luna! one of the reasons is because she amkes me fell normal :P i like the piccy :)
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A definite fav! Hey, she's having a ride of a lifetime!
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Luna looks so funny. XD And, yes, she is weird. But fun.
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I always thought Luna was a funny character, and I'm thinking of trying out to play her in the 5th moveh, cos I can look really dazed (just look at my school pictures! ahhahahaha. no.) But yeah... You accually did a surprisingly good job onthe thestral's anatomy! It's very difficult to do skin and bones.
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OI, i thought horse bones were skinnier and well, skinnier o_O
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Ahah... The thestral is really well done, Luna too :)
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lunas so cool. i reallylike how youdid the horsish thing
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*absent-mindedly humms "weasly is our king" under her breath*
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Luna is the BEST character EVER!!! ^____^ She's my favorite character from the HP series xD The thestrals are amazing as well, and I love seeing people's interpretations of them!! Amazing picture, I love Luna's expression xD *faves* ^^
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I once knew a guy-Luna, too o.o He had huge hair, dressed strangely, and had the weirdest sense of humor that I've ever witnessed. This guy seemed to be incapable of acting natural around other humans.

He was pretty amusing:D
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:wow: awesome! i luv luna's expression, too! like she doesn't have a care in the world. a must fav! great job!:clap:
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Oooh.... nice job with the Thestral! The anatomy is still there, yet some of the bones in the legs look a little weird.... unless it's just me. Nevertheless, sketch sketchyness is fun! Nice translation of Luna here (but doesn't she wear glasses?). I can't wait to see what the heck she looks like in the movie of OoTP :)
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I can seeeee the Thestral O0O BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE DIE *SPECIAL?!* Loony Luna is teh_awesome...I bet she is going to marry Potter the Rotter *screeches and flies through the halls*
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