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lestrange bros again

smoking out on the job? tsk. heh I guess this is during the short time that they were out of azkaban in book 5 or something.

roddy on the left and rab on the right.
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This is cool! Rabastan has some sweet facial hair. It kind of reminds me of one of my characters with a similar beard. Rodolphus, meanwhile, rather puts me in mind of Hanzo from Overwatch, most likely his beard and slightly more well-built appearance. All in all, this is a pretty nice picture, even if the subjects, by dint of being Death Eaters, aren't quite as nice.
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wHY is Rodolphus so damn hot? That's ... not right 

*it's super right*
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this one is so perfect :clap:
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ooooh, facial hairs*touches all* ouo
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hey, that's the way I imagine Avery and Mulciber :3
This is brilliant! Love the colours and the shading of the characters.. As well as the cigar.. Lovely detail!
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I love this photo so much. In a fanfiction I'm writing both of them are smoking and this image fits so well. Great job!
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<3 I love the Lestrange Brothers... Rodolphus is so sexy...
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I lol'd at your Comment.
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Lol, you can't blame me. This picture is my background half the time. The other half is either one of the Lestrange Bros dressed up as the SuperMario Bros, or of Bella and Rodolphus having a moment. Both are by Makani.
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As much as I love madcarrots work, I much prefer your Roddy to hers.
I love Rodolphus's beard.
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Ooh, I love this picture! Rabastan looks yummy!

I've been to your accio site, and I have to say that your artwork is simply amazing. Keep up the good work.
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Hey Makani I really love your style hehe it sort of reminds me of 'Road to el Dorado' sometimes but that's what makes it so cool lol

Rodolphus looks smart here! Lol I love your comic where he pulls Rabastan's mask, it's hilarious!
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wtf, there's barely a mini lineart dif'rence between this and the other one O_O Why you posted anyway, lol?
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OMG! Sweeney Todd has GOT to be related to the LeStranges.....o.o can't you see it? I see it!
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As just about everyone else has said, HOLY CRAP YOU MAKE THEM LOOK SEXY!!!! Rodolphus especially lol i wish i could draw the way you do, all your art is so gorgeous!!!! it is the definition of eye candy!
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I love all your stuff :) But particularly your lestrange brothers, they are amazing.

They scary thing is i once saw two guys who looked just like this. I couldn't stop giggling for ages and my sister kept giving me wierd looks.
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The Lestranges??? Smoke and a cigar??? SIDEBURNS??!?!?!? Yessssss
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Being a big Hp RPg fan who play's Bella all the time's nice to see some one do a drawing about what her husband and brother in law look like

those shemxed up lestranges x)
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:) i like this alot and i will be watching you
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