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hp teachers

teehee! i heart all the professors X3. so this is mcgonagall, trelawny, lupin, and of course snape. excluding snape, i drew them more according to how i invision them..not like, the actors/tresses. of course it's influenced, but yeah, i wasn't going for on the dot exactness..^^.

anyway, yeah i love how they have the teachers have their own little community apart from the other teachers they like and dislike..yadda yadda X3. hehe...i still have yet to find out why snape dislikes lupin so much :D don't tell me!! XP reading reading la lala la laaaa..
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They look great lovely :)) but u dont say u like umbridge do you 
jdbee's avatar
That's Lupin, all right. Plucked right out of my head. 
Siilentpaws's avatar
They all look so great! I always imagined Trelawney with red hair too but was never sure why, glad I'm not the only one!
icecreamoutcast's avatar
You gave Trelawney Cissa's goofy face.  I love it!
Sweet-something's avatar
Well I must admit, Alan Rickman did a fabulous job portraying Snape
Alittlememory's avatar
I like the way you drew them...I never saw Trelawney with red hair, but it's really cool.
AngieLyon's avatar
Stream0Conchusnez's avatar
It's okay Trelawney... I coo over my morning cup, too.
TheManAtFireOnFire's avatar
wow, professor Snape looks a little bit like Paul McGann as Doctor Who from the 1996 made-for-TV-movie.
Hazel-Sage's avatar
Brilliant job!!!
HikariMichi's avatar
I love your McGonagall! :heart:
Snape's expression= <3
misscorinap's avatar
[link] This is ahhhmazing
Alhenea's avatar
Haha, you have the 'I hate everyone' look perfect on Snape!
Cap-a-Pie's avatar
I love how you drew Trelawney Ha ha:la:
Shadow-Demon121212's avatar
hey you forgot prof. flitwick.
tzuloaga's avatar
I completely adore Snape's face.
I also love the way you draw him :B
sahadlich90's avatar
You just earned 10 bonus points for having Remus be your DADA Prof! Yea you!
Moonylla's avatar
My god, Snape is PERFECT! Lovely lovely lovely!
Ameko-no-Mori's avatar
This is really great. But for a moment I got freaked out, because I thought maybe you drew it before seeing the movies, and Snape looks SO like Alan Rickman Snape (which to me has become the only kind of Snape there is) that I was like "How did she do that?!"
uniquenormality's avatar
I prefer your version of Ole Remus than the movie....

The guy they got to play him is just... wrooooooong.
Runya-EithelNar's avatar
Nice pic :D, but in Small Version this pic is strange. 3/4 of pic is black :|
Madame-MalfoyBA-hons's avatar
r they coloured w/ brush pens?
they're epic win mate
I love love love your works! Almost as much as I love Severus Snape<3
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