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atlas and pbody are already so human that it is actually harder to think up people forms for them, I think. But anyway, here's quick little dude and dudette versions of both lol.

I think I probably think of them as male most of the time but they're pretty gender neutral and girls are cool so there you go
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ah yes, tweedle dee and tweedle short

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I've always seen them as males but they're both good designs! 
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I keep coming back and looking at them over and over again!
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I imagine they'd be a couple, but I absolutely can't decide which combination. :B
Albalannae's avatar
Ahaha this is fantastic! :squee:
frenchifries's avatar
I've always pictured Atlas as male and P-Body as female, just based on their behavior and "voices".
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ok, I see I'm not the only one who thought the male couple look like Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant. :XD: Brilliance! :heart: Stick glasses on the orange dude & he's complete.
Jupitrie's avatar
Soooooo Perfect.

Male Atlas's stance caught my eye, and it immediately reminded me of the game-atlas.
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I've always just stuck with male ATLAS, female P-body XD. Nice designs~
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thank you for helping us help you help us all
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I love this design!! :D
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I think of Atlas as a guy and Pbody as a girl, tbh. c:
Valkyrie-5's avatar
I love Lady!Atlas, she's so spunky and adorable!
AppleAtti's avatar
Male P-Body is spot on!
warriorcatroseeyes's avatar
Very cool interpretations, much more retro than most others :D I love how you depicted female Atlas.
HeroinofWinds's avatar
Oh,wait.:iconfacepalmplz: Nevermind about me thinking that there both girls.^^;
HeroinofWinds's avatar
I prefer to think of them as Girls.^^ I really like your designs for them~!
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lol really good looking! great job
CommonDusty's avatar
You realize Valve say P-Body is femine, and Atlas is masculine, right?
Bat-Lass's avatar
Girls Atlas kinda looks like a younger version of my mom - thought you should know that :I
Flamma-Man's avatar
Not sure if it's just your art style, but I just love how you gave them such a retro look to their design, especially the male versions.
Leraku's avatar
This is absolutely brilliant, i love this 'cartoony' style, and the characters have a personality all of their own, even in a still picture. Words cannot describe how much i enjoy this picture.
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In the male version I had no idea Atlas was Italian. But in all seriousness I like it could work as female or male and not feel weird
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Y'know, actually atlas is a guy, and p-body is a girl. But cool work anyways!
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