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harry and ginny- that one part

Here's some more Harry for people who were wondering why I never draw him x). So this whould hold yall over for another year or so.. ;). *sigh* gryffindors just aren't that funny :\.

Happy Valentine's! :)
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Surprised I haven't seen this before. It's great, by the way :D
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I know the feeling
Harry, I know what you feel
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So accurate with how I imagined it in the book! A believable, awkward, yet adorable, first kiss.
And the "beast" comment kinda made me giggle later on, the first time I read it I was too excited to care and it made sense, but its also a little funny. :p

"Must. Eat Face." XD
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lol panel 3 ginny's face!
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"Gryffindor boys they're lion hearted," - Not Literally

I love Not Literally's Gryffindor song (a parody of California Girls by Katy Perry(  (Not Literally is a youtube channel) but the Hufflepuff one is my favorite (a parody of Born This Way by Lady Gaga) (No matter which house you crave, I will be Hufflepuff made. I'm in the right house baby I was born to behave!)
Huge improvement on the creepy Ginny kiss from the movie.
I hate how all other renditions of this passage obscures how awkward it must have been for him to just kiss her like that.
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those are some amazing expressions! Fantastic comic!
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Can't....breathe....... hehe! Love it!
i laughed so hard... this is the kind of ginny humor i wish they put in the movies!!
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Ginny is quite cute in the drawings.
And very clever comic!
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Kill the beast on your chest and then kill yourself
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 meh awkward situation
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Meaning.... What exactly?
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Must. Eat. Face.
:rofl: oh my gosh I died.
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Second favorite moment in the books:)
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When I first saw this, why did I not look at the rest of your art?
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Thanks for drawing this
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Love this comic!
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this is fantastic!
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If only I had my own Harry to do that!
Great job! And I love Ginny's Quidditch uniform
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