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glados expressions

had to draw more human gladoses! She'd have really sudden, weird movements/expression changes lol and be creepily thin. And since the orbs are her eyes, when you hit her like, her eyes would fall out right?? xD Anyway, oh yeah and w/ my version, the other orbs are in the palms of her hands, so that's why there's a big hole there.
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Really really love the style! :heart:
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I love this too!!

but maybe this version is too emotional? lol, I belive her to be quite cold despite angry.
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Oh please oh please draw more GLaDOS ;u;
Your version is by FAR my favorite of the human styles
I hope you continue to find drawing GlaDOS enjoyable, because this is just stellar.
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Oh my gosh, I love this picture! It's just what I imagined she'd look like as a person. :3
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So... for Portal 2 GLaDOS, does that mean your version would have no eyes anywhere on her body? Or would she have one yellow one? Either way, great job. :D
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I love the "Why don't you marry it?" line. You really did it justice.
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"Why don't you marry that thing if you love it so much? Do you want to marry it? WELL I WON'T LET YOU!!!! How does that feel?"
*Clutching the Oracle "I'm Different" Turret really closely* But I want it! :iconsadfaceplz:

lol, sorry, I had to. Every time I see that quote, that's what I think of =P
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Is GLaDOS gonna hafta CHOKE a bitch?
Wow... I love the one at the bottom. Genius.
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I would love to see those three expressions in the middle animated x]
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Fianlly! A human GLaDOS that isn't scantily clad and "sexy"! Yay!
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Hope you don't mind, but I'm going to be cosplaying a human GLaDOS based on your artwork of her at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Because your art of awesome.

Because those lolita GLaDOS-chan things freak my shit out.
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Oh my god. This is like... perfect. I think you captured her awesomely.
I see all these fucking anime/lolita GLaDOS's that don't even resemble her in the slightest and... blargh.

Great work.
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I love Glados ! And I love that game ! And your drawings !
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I had forgotten that you had done these, and now that I'm playing Portal 2, these sketches are so much more awesomer than before <3 I love your interpretation.
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Mwahahaha, this is absolutely wonderful. <3 I positively love the expressions.
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OMG... I imagine a human GLaDOS as being more like a preteen computer-person. Cables attaching to the computer you see into the back into a room with GLaDOS hanging from the ceiling in Aperture Science Lab Clothing.
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Wow, that's cool. :)
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I totally imagined GLaDOS like this if she was a
With sudden changes of mood, and movements like a person with bipolar disorder.
She would totally have bipolar disorder. D:

And your style, it reminds me of disney, idk why, i saw this and then disney came to my mind D:
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remind me to never quit my job at Black Mesa
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