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<33333333 what a cutie i think i forgot to finish lighting his hair. :B o wellllll. this is obviously a cropped larger pic but fffffleh i have other things I should be coloring DDDD:

photoshop cs3; textures from *hibbary and *resurgere
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iTryHardArtist's avatar fool!

just completing the quote
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sniper freeman -3-
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Amazing work! :) (Smile) 
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This is sooo cool...
This picture makes me think that Doctor Rusty Venture could actually be Doctor Gordon Freeman after a complete psychological break. Or the other way around.

Regardless, nice work!
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He looks such as Sniper from TF2 :o
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Absolutely excellent drawing. I run a series on YouTube called "Half-Life Saga" and am shopping along for a new picture for my intro. The previous intro had the picture custom done for it by my friend Michael (AKA Skidd) and was intented for the first Half-Life games. However, upon completing the first games and moving to hl2, I felt that new intro was in order. If I used your picture I would of course give you full credit and link any and all pages you desire in the description of each videos.

Here is an example of what the previous intro was like from an old episode:

The song being used in the new intro will be "Path of Borealis" by Victor Antonov

Anyway great picture and I hope that we can get something mutually beneficial worked out!

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Wow that's awesome!! I love Gordon <3
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Wow, I truely love that one! The colors and the expression on his face are just awesome...
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from the buck of fanart, this deserves an \m/, pretty good drawing
waaaaaa°°°° i love it
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very nice... :-)
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awwwww... thx for art!
Amazing picture!
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Dude, epic pic
Love the shading too :3
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Sorry, i was trying to respond to the gordon pic to the left ^^'
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Incredible piece !
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Ahaha~ He looks just like a gamer buddy of mine! Even the big glasses! Oh Gordon, you silly sock~
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Awesome!!...the ben man in the world!!...hehehe
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