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fanart100: death



As soon as I saw this prompt I was like "oh crap what can I do for this one??" xD drawing one of them dead would be like.. omgtoosad. i honestly don't think any of them will die in the books-- for reasons I will address in another deviation I'm uploading later. So instead, it's Lucius being *not* dead x) before Voldy fell the first time, the DE's lives are in as much danger as an auror's since Crouch allowed aurors to use Unforgivables.. and in addition to that, the DEs have to make sure not to evoke the wrath of their master and get wiped out that way too. So I wouldn't blame Narcissa for jumping to conclusions after recieving that morning's Prophet before Lucius came back.

yay halfassed backgrounds!! 8) PS7

oh and this is totally what the DEs cloaks and masks should look like. i want to like, make a petition x).

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