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commish for megan

Remuspoo :)

Painter Classic for the lines, Photoshop7 for the flat colors, and OpenCanvas3 for shading.
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I just can't. Every one of your characters is SPOT ON. Love this Remus. LOVE.
It's official, I want an animated Harry Potter series and I want you as the chief animator! Looking back at all your HP art, I realized how much of it influences how I saw the characters when I read the books for the first time years ago. 
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Perfect. Just perfect.
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So pretty.

Can't breathe.

I always imagined him in glasses for some reason...
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So beautiful.... D: :heart:
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Ah, Remus, I love him so much! The background is amazing!
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I love Moony!!! This is drawn very well. Love the background.
awwwe i'm in love with him
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My one and only, you draw him so marvelously :).
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That's the best Remus Lupin I've ever seen!! I wish ou liked him as much as you like the Malfoys~:heart:
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I seriously love this. Lovely coloring and lighting and I REALLY am digging that background.

*favorites many many times*
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The scars are amazing! I've never seen anybody do his scars like that, and that's exactly what I envisioned. And his hair, and his clothes, and his face, and everything! I LOVE it! You are the absolute best! ;)
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He's perfect! Shame you don't like him so much. As ever, you are brilliant! ;)
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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! REMUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I the lighting on this. And the night scene. Wonderful.
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I was looking at a few of your other works with Lupin in them and I was just wondering if that's how you imagine him.

I always kind of pictured him with a five a clock shadow, but not as scruffy as Sirius.

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Oh ! this is my mental image of Lupin :love:
Makani! I have to tell you I started to read the books because of your works!!!!! You're amazing girl :D
You rock
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is fenrir in background?
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Cute! cute! cuteeeee! Sorry, I just think he's absolutely adorable. Good job! Why have I not commented on this before?!
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Ohhh I love Remus! Great job!
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He has smexy hands *drools*
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