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bella likes twilight

I had had a couple requests for a Bellatrix vs. Bella Swan, and while I would find reducing Bella Swan to a bloody smear on the wall rather funny, I had the thought that Bellatrix might actually quite like Twilight, since you know.. she's insane. LOL
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Years later, this still has me laughing.
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Hi, tropers. (Check the Literature subpage for Misaimed Fandom.)
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looks like snape reading twilight lol
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It's even FUNNIER because THIS Bella is also a narcissistic bitch! :XD:
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Wait till she realizes that he sparkles in the sun. XD
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This pleases me to no end!
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Does this have somthin to do with twilight or something
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Still like this Bella better.
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I doubt Bellatrix would like Edward. Oh sure, he KILLED people and sucked their blood - but he never ENJOYED it or did it for fun. Remember, he only killed evil men. And he stopped and only kills animals now (he's a vegetarian, after all) and is all about NOT hurting his beloved Bella and bla bla bla...
Basically, Edward is like the collection of things Bellatrix would hate. (not that I'm saying Edward is good, just that he doesn't strike me as the type Bellatrix WOULD like)

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She dreams that Edward is similar to Tom Riddle aka handsome youg Voldemort. You see that a boy in her dream has red eyes just as Voldemort. 
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Wait, nevermind, my head was gone. I get what you mean, but Edward can't hold a candle to Voldemort - Edward is a fucking coward, after all.

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Didn't the baby in her dream have green eyes, like Eddie supposedly had prior to Vampism?

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I suppose that Bella is in early chapters, and has just read a description of Ed's look, so she associated him with Voldemort. Young Tom Riddle had dark eyes. 
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Edward= bishonen Voldemort?

That explains a lot.
Nice.                                                                                                             cat face 
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Voldward...can't think of a less desirable man...
I just makes me so sad that the old accio brain website is gone. I know you probably hear it a hundred times, but.... *cry*
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OMG! This is perfect!
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