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bella duels

First war-ish Bella :). I don't think I've ever drawn her in any other color than purple.. wtf man.

yeah idk about her legs :/. oh well. messing around with coloring techniques. This kind of coloring is pretty easy so if I do a shading tutorial I'll probably do this kind. The other kind of color I do is from other people's tutorials anyway x).
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super cool perspective! Nicely done!
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Extremely cool and always been so=)
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This reminds me of azula a lot. Perhaps the boots, perhaps the blue lighting or perhaps the psychoness xD GREAT JOB!!
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Awesome perspective, and I love how the lights cast by the two different spells look! :D
I frickin LOVE her outfit!! She looks good in purple :)
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I originally found you through your HP fanart site and was instantly blown away!

Here it looks as though Bella doesn't yet realize she said the wrong thing to Molly. She will in a minute.
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UGH. You draw the best Bellatrixes. Love the mad expressions you give her.
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Dat foreshortening!!
Nice posing, though the torso seems a tad too upright if the legs are in that position, but the position of the arms somewhat rectifies it, a bit.

...I dunno if I'm making sense here.
Still, great piece. Love your work.
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It's so dynamic and wonderful perspective!
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I've always known that Bella was bad A$$, but this pictures just makes her more bad A$$.
Blue-Demon-Hybrid's avatar
the perspective's awesome and I want her boots.
AsukanoYoko's avatar
I love the depth and perspective
Its like eye-candy!
Magical eye candy!
better-pathos's avatar
love this, you draw spell effects so well
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The way she grins...she reminds me of the Joker!

Oh well, both are two of the most awesomely insanely villains in history.
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x) Her boots and pants make her look like she's about to go riding around on a horse.. hehe. Love the shirt, the shading on the hair and the spells! Awesome pose, too. ^^
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i think this is one of my favorite pictures of Bella you have. Besides the one with Bella verses Molly <3 That was the best part in HP7 lol
That's how I really picture Bella, the awesome & freakingly gorgeous psycho. LMAO!
MademoiselleMeg's avatar
C'est fantastique!

So I have no idea why I'm suddenly speaking French. Anyways, I adore and envy your ability to draw so well! I covet Bella's shirt. And is she wearing khakis? That is AWESOME.

Well, it *is* business casual. "It's casual Friday, Mudblood scum!"
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I think you should have drawn little houses and little people running about screaming underneath her. GODZILLA BELLA 8D
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Wow, this is really amazing! The expression is wonderful, as always.
And please... could you recommend a tutorial that helped you?
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Great dynamic pose! :D
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lawl, purple the colour of the depressed woman? XD
great job, i luv your gallery @ all :3
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I love your Bella more than words can possibly describe, and the perspective is beyond amazing.
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